Mayday Parade @ The Gov Review

  • Written by  Laura Thorburn
  • Wednesday, 19 October 2016 15:04
Mayday Parade at The Gov, Adelaide, 13 October, 2016 Mayday Parade at The Gov, Adelaide, 13 October, 2016 Image © Laura Thorburn
Mayday Parade have a long-standing connection with fans, both in Australia and across the globe.

I love when bands perform all-ages shows, not just out of excitement for their fans but also to see live music being appreciated by young people. The crowd was split about 60/ 40 with under-age fans leading the charge and enjoying every moment of the night (12 October), even the parents were getting involved bouncing right along with their kids, albeit standing at the back of the room. It was truly wonderful to watch teenagers being so into the music and getting the opportunity to see their heroes live.

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Local Adelaide alternative-rock band After Change kicked off the night with some infectious melodic tunes, the band meshed so well and were the perfect choice to start the night. Sporting some high jumps, the lead vocalist tore up the stage while effortlessly singing song after song. After Change are definitely a band to watch as they have some great songs in their repertoire, including singles ‘All Or Nothing’ and ‘It Gets Better From Here’.

After Change
After Change - image © Laura Thorburn

Next up, The Early November hailing from New Jersey took the stage. Unfortunate sound issues plagued portions of the set, making it difficult at times to hear vocalist Ace Enders. However, the talent these guys show is undeniable. Ace’s voice is amazingly strong and when coupled with the band's energy and talent (and no sound issues) the band sounds infectious.

The Early November
The Early November - image © Laura Thorburn

The crowd bounced around and screamed for more as each song was performed. Ace noted that he thought the crowd were fantastic and enjoyed the energy they were bringing forth, especially considering “you’ve probably got no idea who we are”.

With Mayday Parade about to hit the stage punters flocked from the back of the venue to get prime positions. The screaming began and before long Mayday Parade burst on to the stage for their first Adelaide show in a year. Welcomed with open arms and piercing cheers, the band seemed humbled by their fan base being so ecstatic to see them again.

Mayday Parade - image © Laura Thorburn

Once again, some unfortunate sound issues plagued the set making it difficult to hear vocalist Derek Sanders at times, but the crowd were not at all bothered. Mayday Parade have always been infectious and talented performers, making the show phenomenal regardless of technical issues.

Mayday Parade - image © Laura Thorburn

Kicking the night of with ‘Jersey’ from their debut album, the band took their fans on a trip through time performing songs spanning their entire discography. A semi-acoustic performance of ‘Terrible Things’ was a highlight, with the crowd taking over the singing for portions of the song, which the band lapped up. ‘Black Cat’ got the crowd bouncing, jumping around and head banging with the band along for the ride almost bouncing off the stage themselves.

Mayday Parade - image Laura Thorburn

However, the performance of the night goes to classic song ‘Miserable At Best’ that saw lead vocalist, Derek, alone on the keyboard, centre stage. The crowd roared as he announced the song and within seconds, the singing commenced. Derek looked incredibly humbled as the crowd sang the song to him, while singing portions with them. Watching the singer walk off stage before the song finished to the sound of the crowd singing a capella was a truly moving and beautiful moment.

Mayday Parade - image Laura Thorburn

It is clear that Mayday Parade will continue to score fans in Australia not only because of their musical talent and energetic concerts, but also because of their commitment to and love for their fans here. From what I could see as I left the venue, punters were both sad the show was over and ecstatic with how it went. It just goes to show that minor technical issues are nothing when compared to the love fans have for a band.

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