Marvel Years Is Headed Down Under To Play Earth Frequency Festival

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Cory Wythe, the producer and guitarist better known as Marvel Years, has found a welcome place for himself within the increasingly popular glitch-hop/ electro-soul scene.

In just a short period of time, his progression has become outright impossible to ignore. Much more than your average DJ/ producer, Marvel Years is an incredible guitarist that shreds well beyond his years.

Ok, so your artist name… are you a major fan of Marvel comics? If so, favourite character?
I am big fan, definitely more of a Marvel dude than D.C. My original name was 'Wonder Years', but I changed it due to copyright issues. My favourite Marvel character has to be Iron Man.

You're also a guitarist; that must give you all types of flexibility in both the studio and on stage? How many effect pedals do you own?
I actually don't own many. I use one pedal on stage and its a Digitech RP360. It's basically an entire pedal board all in one. It comes pre-loaded with a bunch of different amps, effects, and other cool things and it is all loaded into this small pedal that I can throw in my backpack and tour around with.

Blending the two sounds (rock and electronic) must open up all sorts of creative highways and ideas to explore?
I grew up playing all sorts of rock tunes on my guitar, so incorporating that into my production was a no brainer for me. Coming from that background opens up a whole realm of creativity. Whenever I hit writer's block, I can pick up the guitar and noodle around until something comes from it.

Plans for an artist album? If so, how would you want to approach that type of project?
Right now, my main focus is finishing this new EP and completing these collaborations/ remixes I have in the works. I am sitting on a lot of content right now, so when I start releasing it I will have a solid amount of time to start working on an album.

Collaborations… are you open to working with other people?
I have a few that are being released very soon.


Chicago it's good to be back. It's going down tonight with my dude @artifaktsmusic at the Chop Shop: @henrykornaros

A photo posted by Marvel Years (@marvelyears) on Nov 18, 2016 at 10:34am PST

You're from a college town in Vermont… what is the local electronic scene like in the US? And I'm not asking about the general EDM sound, more the underground.
It depends on what type of music in the underground scene. I can't speak for the entire underground scene, but as far as the scene I am in I think live instrumentation is making a comeback. This is probably the thing that has me most excited at the moment.

Talk us through the Pretty Lights support back in 2013; that was your first live show, ever, right? Must've been controlled madness?
I played my first show with him in Boston and it was surreal. It was one of those shows where you would look around and ask yourself: 'Is this actually happening?'.

Who is the dream act you would love to be asked to support on a world tour?
Red Hot Chili Peppers.

You're headed to Earth Frequency Festival in Queensland, Australia this summer. First time headed down under?
First time. Australia has been on the bucket list for as long back as I can remember. Still can't believe it's finally happening.

Have you heard much about Australia's glitch-hop scene?
I haven't heard much. I have been following Opiuo for a minute now and have been a big fan. I am excited to check out a bunch of acts I haven't heard before when I get out there in February.

Marvel Years plays Earth Frequency Festival (SE Qld) 17-20 February.

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