Mammal Are Amped To Play Dead Of Winter Festival

  • Written by  Gyan Rocha
  • Thursday, 04 July 2019 16:02
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Mammal play Dead Of Winter Festival (Brisbane) 13 July. Mammal play Dead Of Winter Festival (Brisbane) 13 July.

One of Australia's most prolific and outspoken multidisciplinary artists keeps going from strength to strength as Mammal, led by Ezekiel Ox, head north to play Dead Of Winter (DOW) festival in Brisbane.

“It all sounds very exciting, I'm very much looking forward to coming up and meeting everyone,” Ezekiel says.

Mammal are a welcome addition to DOW, which celebrates its tenth year with every aspect of the much-loved and independent annual festival levelled up, including the largest bill ever assembled with 60 bands at the The Tivoli Theatre precinct and The Jubilee Hotel complex.

“Hammers are on the bill this year and we love Hammers,” Ezekiel says. “We've known them for years; festivals are always fun and it'll be interesting to see how it works over two venues. We're really looking forward to it.”

After releasing three new songs in 2018 after a nine-year drought, Mammal are well and truly back on the scene with their renowned live presence.

Ezekiel continues to growl out his songs with a wild-eyed maniacal zeal, conjuring up rapid-fire rhetoric and soaring melody, while guitarist Pete Williamson lays down the riffs. And throughout, the lock-steady rhythm-section of bassist Nick Adams and drummer Zane Rosanoski deliver in spades.

Ezekiel, who has forged a respected reputation as a captivating frontman in the industry, recently released a solo EP 'Cheering Bombs From Deckchairs’ that was accompanied by a tour. “[The tour's] going really good,” enthuses Ezekiel.

“We played Sooki Lounge in Victoria, then we played Hobart and now we're off to Sydney and Wollongong this week and then we get to play with Jimmy Barnes up in Darwin, which I'm really looking forward to.

“I've never meant Barnsey before, but I'm a big fan of his work particularly the work he did early on. I've got a lot of love for his work with Cold Chisel. Hopefully I can get a selfie with the band.”

Ezekiel is known for his political views and outspokenness. He has never been shy to voice his opinion. In 1994 he was involved in the campaign to stop the One Nation party forming in Geelong, and also marched for teachers' conditions as well as the Reclaim The Night Rallies held in his teenage years.

“I've spent this morning on the phone with the MEAA journalism union, and then spent the last 24 hours organising a protest outside the offices of the Australian Federal Police in Melbourne.

“I've arranged the megaphones and I'll be down there leading that protest for two hours out the front of the AFP just for solidarity with journalists after the raids that they've copped over the past few days.

"I've got my own personal problems with a lot of journalists, but we cannot live in a society where this happens. We will be giving it to [AFP] and letting them know.”

Mammal take pride in their shows and continually focus on bringing as much energy as possible to their performances, which has built the four-piece band a loyal fan base. “Get onboard, come on down, check us out because we are the working-class saviours you’re looking for.

“We won’t tolerate people pushing others around and that’s what it’s about, there are people that are vulnerable; whether that be the unemployed, elderly, refugees, parts of the indigenous community or the disabled, there’s no such thing as the underserving.

"We champion the idea that together we can win and together we can prevent war. Hopefully we’ll see everyone there for a nice little uplifting party.”

Mammal join a host of tremendous acts at Dead Of Winter (Brisbane) 13 July.


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