Machine Gun Kelly Returns Down Under After A 5-Year Absence

  • Written by  Nicholas Hastie
  • Wednesday, 02 May 2018 14:43
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Machine Gun Kelly plays Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth May 2018. Machine Gun Kelly plays Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth May 2018.

After a five-year wait US rapper Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) has arrived in Australia, kicking off his tour tonight (2 May) in Sydney before heading to Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne.

The musician, otherwise known as Colson Baker, has released numerous albums since his last visit, including last year's release ‘Bloom’. He has also acted in various films such as 2016's 'Nerve' and is set to star as Tommy Lee in the upcoming Mötley Crüe biopic, ‘The Dirt’.

Needless to say, MGK has been busy since his last visit in 2013 and is eager to bring his new show down under.

The rapper says he is excited about the five-year anticipation that has built up since his last visit. “We were obviously much, much smaller [in 2013]. Much smaller audience, much smaller band. I don’t even know if our first album was out yet.

“I’m most excited to go and see the drastic change from that time to this time. To see how f#$%ing insane it’s going to be.

“It was so punk when I was there last time. People were jumping off speakers, people that I would have never guessed would have been at our shows, singing all the words.

“I’m looking for Perth to step it up. The only thing I remember last time was that we got straight off the plane to Perth and we went there and there was like 60 people at the show,” Colson says.

“Even though those 60 people went hard, I’m expecting a f#$%ing movie this time when I touch down to Perth. All the other cities: as you were. Let’s light the city on fire for each night.”

Before each show, MGK regularly practices a few of his personal, pre-show rituals. “The one thing I always do, I lean down and touch the floor with my palm and my fingers, so I can feel the concrete and feel the floor that I’m about to go on and it gives me the energy of the building,” Colson explains.

MGK says fans can expect his lives shows to be a riot. The performance incorporates a five-piece band, accompanied by Colson on the guitar for about half the set. “It’s definitely a change from the last time they’ve seen us,” Colson says

“I just turned 28-years-old and I wrote a song called ‘27’, which was the fan favourite off my last album. I can’t wait to do ‘Home’, which I actually heard did well in Australia.”

Machine Gun Kelly Tour Dates

Wed 2 May - Enmore Theatre (Sydney)
Thu 3 May - The Tivoli Theatre (Brisbane)
Sat 5 May - Forum Melbourne
Sun 6 May - Metro City (Perth)


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