Love Deluxe Orders A Campari & Coke With His New EP

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  • Tuesday, 30 July 2019 12:15
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Love Deluxe serves up his new single 'Campari & Coke', from his 'Fata Morgana' EP. Love Deluxe serves up his new single 'Campari & Coke', from his 'Fata Morgana' EP.

They say if you love something then set it free.

Unless that thing is your favourite drink. In that case, you double down and write a banging dancefloor ditty about it. At least, that's what Sydney producer Love Deluxe has done with his freshly-poured tune 'Campari & Coke'.

Combining equal parts live, jazz-infused drums and guitars with otherworldly synthesisers and topped with a slinky sax solo by Love Deluxe himself, 'Campari & Coke' is aural intoxication at its finest.

With the song being taken from his forthcoming 'Fata Morgana' EP (due 2 August), we catch up with Love Deluxe for a chat about music, cocktails and that time he met Keanu.

What makes Campari & Coke your favourite drink?
I think it has a nice balance between bitter and sweet that for me is perfect. A lot of my friends like it, and in fact I was introduced to it by one of them. So it’s a little nostalgic as well. Also I love how people either hate it or love it, which is great.

How many Campari & Cokes does it take to write a good song about Campari & Coke?
Maybe four. The first time I ever had one I was like 'woah', and after having them on separate occasions I knew that this was a long-term relationship.

Tell us about the upcoming EP 'Fata Morgana' and what we can expect from it?
Well there’s four tracks on the EP. Half of them being a bit more playful and 'live' sounding, with still an electronic, synthy [sic] edge. The other half is more sentimental, but at the same time is clubbier and more 'electro' than anything I’ve ever released. Expect a vocal collaboration, some thumping drumbeats and lots of synths.

What did you want to achieve with 'Fata Morgana' as a body of work?
I wanted to make something different to the first EP. So I didn’t use any sampled drum breaks, they were all live recordings or drum machines. I also made an effort to play 'more' on the songs and to really try and add detail and nuances to the recordings. The tracks are very layered compared to the ‘Silk Mirage’ EP, and I think that is noticeable. I also made a conscious effort to collaborate with other artists during the songwriting or mixing processes. Overall, ‘Fata Morgana’ sounds more eclectic musically but still keeps the same Love Deluxe flavour.

Legend has it your song 'Cool Breeze Over The Mountains' was written as an ode to Keanu Reeves who you once met at a party in LA. What was Keanu like in person?
I signed a NDA after said party, so unfortunately cannot go in to details haha.

How are you feeling about getting to Brisbane for BIGSOUND in September?
I’m really excited to be honest. I love Brisbane and have enjoyed it every time I’ve been up there. The band is doing a show in Melbourne the weekend before we head up north, so it’s gonna really feel like we’re on tour.

What's Love Deluxe like live as a full band?
Really loud! I run the show as a four-piece band with some friends I’ve known for ages, so it’s great to have them onboard. There’s live drums, guitar, bass and about six synths all together, so it’s quite a set-up.

You get a drink named after you – what would, theoretically, go into making the Love Deluxe signature cocktail?
Well, I don’t know if it counts as a cocktail but Campari and Coke would be signature enough. With an orange peel, of course.

As an artist and producer, what attracts you to the sounds of disco and funk you like to work with?
I really think rhythm is important in music, more so than a melody for the most part. So with disco and funk, they’re really rhythmic-led genres of music because the goal is to make you move, and you can’t make people dance with just a melody. I also really appreciate vocal harmonies and chord progressions, which I think disco/ funk groups like Earth, Wind & Fire and The Crusaders explore really well in their music. So those things influence me greatly.

What else is keeping you busy this year?
I'm writing and recording new songs and edits, jamming and collaborating with other artists, buying new bits of gear and trying to figure them out, and teaching full-time.

'Fata Morgana' EP is out 2 August. Love Deluxe plays BIGSOUND (Brisbane), which takes place 3-6 September.


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