Lillye Evolve With New Album

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  • Tuesday, 10 July 2018 15:56
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Sydney hard rockers Lillye perform at Dicey Riley's and The Bald Faced Stag. Sydney hard rockers Lillye perform at Dicey Riley's and The Bald Faced Stag.

With a new album to promote, Sydney-based hard rock band Lillye have a number of live shows upcoming in August including a trip to Wollongong.

The rock band came together in 2012 and is comprised of Virginia Lillye (lead vocals), Christian Laurla (bass), Matt Ellis (guitar) and Bennet Livingston (drums).

Lillye signed with a US label earlier this year, shortly followed by a worldwide release of their first album, 'Evolve'. The album follows on from the band's self-released and self-titled EP. “We all evolved personally throughout the making of the album and I think we just rolled with what was coming out,” Virginia explains.

“There was no vision of how this album was going to go, it was just a matter of getting tracks out there.”

Christian adds: “We started with myself and Matt getting together in my studio, Machine Men Studio, which I've had for awhile. Basically, [we] get together and start jamming out and laying down a rough version. Then we add a bit of a drum track to it and then flip it over to Virginia and she comes up with melodies and lyrics and stuff like that.

“We then sit back down in the studio and we just knock it out and really work out the fine print.”

Virginia continues: “If we were to do it again and we had something set out in front of us, I don't think it would have worked out. With the synergy that bounces between us all, I think that's what works best for us. The freedom and diversity between us all really helped with the recording of this album.”

Guitarist Matt Ellis says: “[I enjoy] being able to hear the results of all the hard work and emotional things you got through over the course of recording. Being able to hear the passion in everything thats come out is pretty exciting.”

Virginia explains that the band had two album releases for 'Evolve'. “We had one down in Canberra and one in Sydney. Those are the first two we got out there and we are just securing dates as we are going down the track.”

Lillye will be performing a live show in Wollongong in early August. "We have got [a show] in Wollongong, which we are really looking forward to,” Virginia says.

Matt adds that the band is: “Very excited to play everywhere, especially Wollongong; we haven't been there for ages. [Fans can expect] a lot of high energy. [With] the new songs, we are quite happy with how they are coming out live so hopefully everyone will feel the same vibe as we do.

“[We are] really happy to get out, travel a bit and spread the message.”

For Christian, it's all about the live shows. “Performing the songs live is a buzz for me personally,” he says.

“We are very energetic onstage. Playing and recording the songs in the studio is one thing, but when you actually get to do them onstage and throw your guitar around, it's a lot of fun.”

'Evolve' is out now.

Lillye play Dicey Riley’s (Wollongong) 4 August and Psycho Circus at The Bald Faced Stag (Sydney) 18 August.


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