Ladyslug's Pleasurable Rhymes Gain Industry Success

  • Written by  Ellen Cook
  • Wednesday, 12 October 2016 13:00
An eclectic mix of neo soul and jazz with a contemporary, malleable sound is how Ladyslug’s lead singer Kodi Twiner describes the band's style.

The Southern Cross University Queensland student Kodi, and her fellow students/ bandmates: Ben Jackson, Lachlan Dwyer and Luke Rosten decided to form Ladyslug early this year. They were the winners of the Queensland heat of National Campus Band Competition recently, travelling to Melbourne last month for the national final (which was won by Moaning Lisa).

Kodi talks about how the band focused on showcasing their music, and not the result. “We just wanted to play the best we could and really showcase our musicianship and style. To do that we had to kind of detach from the idea that it is a competition with other great bands. We had to detach from the idea of the outcome in order for us to really show who we are, it was an exciting experience.”

Kodi explains they were excited to visit Melbourne. “We have a small network of friends that have relocated to Melbourne after they graduated, so that was good to catch up with them.”

Ladyslug recently announced their first tour to debut their four-song EP, ‘Pleasure Rhymes’. Kodi explains how their contemporary style has developed with the recording process as well as at live shows. “Our influences are so diverse and contrasting that we have really just let our own style play out and develop. Every time we play it changes and develops; the more we play together the more our own style comes through.”

The band is currently recording the EP. “Recording is a curious and intimate process. We have a really collaborative, songwriting process; we all get together and make sure that each of us is happy with the tracks. Of course there are some individual moments within the EP, but predominantly we are a very collaborative band.”

With the band feeling ready to release their EP, the prospect of touring isn’t one that causes nerves. “We haven’t toured before, but I don’t feel apprehensive about it. I feel like we are ready now and that we can provide high-quality music that people will hopefully not only enjoy but relate to as well,” she says.

“I’m looking forward to just spending time together. It’s gonna be good to go away together and see how the playing and being together changes how we play. Hopefully our music develops and maybe our music will even change with the experience.”

Ladyslug won the Queensland heat of the Lipton Ice Tea National Campus Band Competition.

Ladyslug Tour Dates

Sat 15 Oct - Surfing The Coldstream Festival (Yamba)
Fri 4 Nov - 303 (Melbourne)
Sat 5 Nov - The Catfish (Melbourne)
Sun 6 Nov - The Post Office Hotel (Melbourne)
Thu 10 Nov - Valve Bar (Sydney)

Sun 13 Nov - Lass O'Gowrie (Newcastle)
Fri 18 Nov - Mullum Music Festival (Mullumbimby)

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