Koriko Treehouse @ Rocket Bar & Rooftop Review

  • Written by  Jackie Lymn
  • Monday, 26 September 2016 15:36
Published in Music  
Koriko Treehouse @ Rocket Bar & Rooftop Review Image © YouTube
Adelaide’s own, Koriko Treehouse's distinctive style — a blend of hip hop and funk — will provoke even the most self-proclaimed 'I don’t dance' people to get on their feet for a boogie.

Sleepy Lizard opened the night with the exact vibe the night required. Their balance of original and cover songs had their crowd flocking right to the foot of the stage.

When Koriko Treehouse – with guests Georgia Ladas and rapper Mso – took to the stage (23 September), excitement levels hit the roof. Koriko Treehouse is the solo project of 20-year-old Adelaide guitarist turned multi-instrumentalist George Spyrou, who has recently teamed with rappers Mso, Citizen Kay and the aforementioned vocalist Georgia Ladas on his debut EP, ‘Peachfuzz'.

Crowd favourites ‘Lights Of Heaven’ and ‘Living On The Edge Of Time’ were well received, and despite not liking his own breakthrough track, ‘Boss Of Me’, and wanting to leave it from the set, with a slight reworking with guest artist Mso we were able to enjoy it as though it were a brand new song. “I just thought 'you know what, everyone sings that song'.

“I have people coming up to me at uni and saying 'I’m not the boss of you', so I thought I can’t not play it! But tonight Mso just laid down his own uniqueness, but that’s Mso for you,” George said on the night.

At times, George was somewhat lost in the background overshadowed by the two guest's massive vocals and equally-massive personalities. However, you must applaud his creativity and talent in producing such a great EP. “I thought the gig had good energy. My goal is to bring the funk and I think we brought the funk, so I can tick that goal off,” George explained.

The future for Koriko Treehouse is looking bright. There are more collaborations in the works, with both locally and internationally based acts, although he couldn’t let slip who these might be just yet. His closing words were: “the funk is in all of us.” I tend to agree, however some just have a bit more than others.

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