Kirk Brandon's Debut Australian Tour Arrives This Month

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  • Thursday, 12 January 2017 13:07
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Kirk Brandon Kirk Brandon

UK musician Kirk Brandon has been a staple of the post-punk and rock scenes for over 30 years, having fronted bands like Theatre Of Hate, Spear Of Destiny and more recently the supergroup, Dead Men Walking.

This month sees Kirk hit the road for his Akoustik Australia 2017 tour where he'll perform stripped-back versions of some of his biggest songs, accompanied by cellist Sam Sansbury. As Kirk prepares for the upcoming tour, he takes a moment to discuss with us what he has in-store for the tour, as well as the rest of 2017.

What can audiences expect from your Akoustik Australia 2017 tour?
The shows here in Australia will be done acoustically, where the majority of the songs started out. They are the stripped-back versions. What is essential I think. It'll be be songs from all periods of my career, plus some rarities.

What are your own expectations for the shows?
This is my first time ever in Australia, so I come with an open mind absolutely. Some people who are music fans will know the famous songs obviously. These performances over here chart throughout my entire career. I hope people get into what it is I've done in this life. It's been some journey for this pilgrim over the decades.

With your various successes in rock/ post-punk bands like Spear Of Destiny, Theatre Of Hate and Dead Men Walking, why did you decide to embark on an acoustic tour?
The idea was to do the Australian shows as I've done them the last few years in the UK with my cellist Sam Sansbury. It's something that's picking up its own momentum back in Blighty. We are also taking Theatre Of Hate to Europe and America later this year and the idea is also to take the show to Australia.

When were you last in Australia?
This is my first time down under. So far it's been a blast. The heat and light is incredible. I feel a bit stunned. I've managed to drive up the east coast and see some of this great country plus a few historical sites.

Can we expect new music from you in 2017?
We release the Theatre Of Hate new album, 'Kinshi', in the next two months.

They say if you remember the '80s then you probably weren't there, but what are some of your fondest memories and experiences of that time?
For me personally, the Theatre Of Hate album being produced by Mick Jones of The Clash and going on tour with them in the UK/ Europe. Also, a lot of the festivals TOH and Spear played were a blast. It was an exciting time definitely. The London scene was buzzing with new music just about everywhere. Total, corporate control was still a way off in the future. Although today with the medium of the web, it is possible to self define and get what you're doing to a lot of people despite 'total control'. It just takes a lot of heart and willpower.

What was your reaction when Joe Corre (son of Sex Pistols manager, Malcolm McLaren) set ablaze a reported $6 million worth of Sex Pistols memorabilia on the River Thames last year?
This I presumed was a PR stunt by him for him and his clothing brand. A charitable auction might have made more sense but, his gear, his choice.

What else do you have planned for this year?
Apart from Theatre Of Hate touring, I look forward to some Dead Men Walking shows. Really hope to get some organised as we're getting offers for it constantly. Plus they're a great bunch of guys and phenomenal songwriters. Jake Burns from Stiff Little Fingers and Dave and Segs from The Ruts play in it with me.

Kirk Brandon Shows

Wed 18 Jan - Factory Floor (Sydney)
Thu 19 Jan -  New Globe Theatre (Brisbane)
Fri 20 Jan - Hotel Metro (Adelaide)
Sun 22 Jan - Bendigo Hotel (Melbourne)


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