King Parrot Trial New Tunes With Australian Fans

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Despite touring North America no less than eight times over the past two years, King Parrot have maintained a fierce loyalty towards their Australian fan base.

The heavy metal band plans to reveal never-before-heard tracks to audiences in the coming months. “We figured, considering we were recording new songs, we should road test them, and we love doing that in front of Australian audiences,” vocalist Matt Young says.

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“Our sound has definitely progressed and improved, but it’s still uniquely ours. It’s something we’ve developed on our own. It’s something we’re proud of and it’s something we won’t stray too far from.”

The new tracks will be part of their upcoming album, an untitled work-in-progress expected to be completed by 2017. “We really want to take our time with the next record, even if that means briefly disappearing from the live music scene, because it’s too important to rush,” Matt explains.

“We're happy to be patient and let it take its course, and ultimately produce the best album we possibly can.”

King Parrot will perform in four, specifically selected Australian cities including Warranambool, Adelaide, Belgrave and Bendigo. “It's great to be able to get out to those places: we especially can’t wait to return to Adelaide,” Matt exclaims.

“We often find that the cities touring bands don't often include is where we have our best shows, and receive the best response from the crowd.”

The tour will follow a brief sabbatical where the band plans to relish some much-needed down time with friends and family (the band recently travelled to North America for almost seven weeks supporting Canadian metal artists Voivod and Child Bite). “We've been working hard to get ourselves established over there; it’s such a competitive market for metal bands,” Matt explains.

“There’s still so much work to do, and so many places to play, but I think we’ve definitely won over some hardcore fans, which is important.”

King Parrot’s upcoming Australian gigs will also serve as a warm-up for their European showcase in October, alongside Obituary, Exodus and Prong. Matt expects it to be one of the band’s biggest tours yet. “It's kind of daunting, but it'll be a solid five to six week expedition at some major music venues, and it will give us the exposure that we probably haven't had as much of in Europe, as opposed to North America.”

Besides producing their impending album, King Parrot are currently discussing the possibility of conducting another Australian tour in January next year. “Apart from that, we simply want to continue to see improvement in our songwriting, improvement in our live performances, and improvement in our results from the recording studio as well,” Matt explains.

“We do feel like we bring something a little different to the table: there are certainly not too many bands out there who can say they sound similar to King Parrot.”

King Parrot Tour Dates

Fri 9 Sept - The Loft (Warranmbool)
Sat 10 Sept - The New Dead Metalfest, Fowlers Live (Adelaide)
Fri 16 Sept - Sooki Lounge (Melbourne)
Sat 17 Sept - MusicMan Megastore (Bendigo)
13-15 Jan - UNIFY (Tarwin Lower)

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