Kenta Hayashi Is A Loop Pedal Ninja Headed To Australia

Kenta Hayashi's bio describes him as a loop pedal ninja.

If anyone has witnessed the Japanese musician live, they'll attest to the fluid motion of his multi-tasking skills; layering an orchestra of sounds from his vocals as well as pedal effects, guitar and percussion, you will be left speechless. After touring earlier in the year, Kenta is back for his third Australian tour in the past 12 months.

How has your music been received by Australians?
Very well. However, I want to deliver my music to more deep music lovers in Australia. I know you are there mate. Come out from your cave and enjoy my show :)

Your style fuses layers of vocals, guitars, effects and percussion via a loop pedal… how much practice do you require to be able to perform live?
I bought a loop pedal and a few months later I was already using it at shows. But it's been about six years that I've been looping and developing.

The Kenta live show; how have you developed it since your last visit in April, May?
I added a digital delay pedal with tap tempo, so now I can control and add more details with smaller to bigger ranges of the sound. It's very exciting.

The Australian tour features a number of festival appearances spotted around the country. Do you approach festival shows any differently to your own, standalone gigs?
Yes. But I always adjust my set differently; to match the atmosphere each time like festivals, bars, cafes, art galleries, shrines etc.

As an artist at a festival, do you like to immerse yourself with the overall experience, become a punter and watch other acts?
Of course. I think this is a fun part and very important. I always want to meet cool, new artists and want fresh sensations of art.

You played Fuji Rock Festival recently. What was that experience like?
Playing at Fuji Rock had been one of my dreams for 17 years, since I started playing the guitar when I was 15. So I was extremely happy and moved. I was a headliner on the Saturday at the Avalon Stage, and everything seemed like it was meant to be.

Rolling Stone have nominated you as one of their 'Top 5 recommended acts'. Has that acclaim opened any doors for you?
Yes for sure. But I was already so excited and ready to rock, so simply that made me happier and gave me more energy.

Last time we spoke to you, you were working on a number of different albums… what progress have you made with new music?
I released my new EP ['The Flavor From The Oasis'] last month. Now I am working on the next album, which I will release with a different artist name. And also, I will start recording my studio live loop set album as well.

Kenta Hayashi 04 16

How would you define 2016 so far in your music career?
I feel like the seeds I spread have slowly been blooming. But it's just the beginning of the harvest. I can't wait to see the full bloom.

Tour life seems to be a large part of your life… can you see yourself slowing down anytime soon?
I was going to play way less shows this year, but it's been the same amount or even more ha ha (over 200 shows a year). Which is good, so I am happy. However, I plan to spend more time on writing and recording in the near future.

Kenta Hayashi Australian Tour Dates

Sun 18 Sep - OzAsia Festival (Adelaide)
Wed 21 Sep - OzAsia Festival (Adelaide)
Thu 22 Sep - Play Bar (Sydney)
Fri 23 Sep - Folk By The Sea (Kiama)
Sat 24 Sep - Folk By The Sea (Kiama)
Sun 25 Sep - Old Manly Boatshed (Sydney)
Sat 1 Oct - Wallaby Creek Festival (Cooktown)
Sun 2 Oct - Wallaby Creek Festival (Cooktown)
Sun 9 Oct - Peregian Originals (Sunshine Coast)
Thu 13 Oct - Bar 303 (Melbourne)
Fri 14 Oct - Bar Open (Melbourne)
Sat 15 Oct - Buskers By The Creek (Gold Coast)
Sun 16 Oct - Buskers By The Creek (Gold Coast)
Fri 21 Oct - The Motor Room (Brisbane)
Sat 22 Oct - Sheoak Shack (Fingal Head)
Sun 23 Oct - Doma Cafe (Federal)
Sat 29 Oct - Island Vibe Festival (Stradbroke Island)
Fri 4 Nov - Bendigo Blues & Roots Festival
Sat 5 Nov - Bendigo Blues & Roots Festival
Sun 6 Nov - Bendigo Blues & Roots Festival

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