Joey Negro's Australian Christmas Adventure

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  • Monday, 19 December 2016 17:04
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British house DJ, Joey Negro aka Dave Lee is a pioneering force in electronica responsible for some of the biggest UK dance remixes of the '90s.

In a win for Aussie dance fans, Joey has been booked for NYE and NYD shows on the east coast.

Before he arrives to spin disco-infused house music for the masses, Joey gives us his answers to some of life's pressing questions.

You'll be celebrating the new year in Australia. What are you looking forward to most about your time here?
Having a holiday with my family with some warm weather and good food after the gigs. Though I'm sure I'll have fun spinning too. Before that though we have to get through Christmas.

How will you be spending Christmas?
I'll be seeing my mum and brother back were they live in Colchester in the UK.

What do you have in store for Australian audiences?
Lots of new, exclusive disco remixes, a bit of classic house, along with some of my own new and old music.

Your vinyl collection must be an audiophile's wet dream. Approximately how many records do you own?
I'm not 100 per cent sure: 12,000, maybe 15,000. Not as many as some people, but I've not kept a lot of the promos I used to get sent in the '90s.

Do you have a favourite album?
Not really.

What are you listening to at the moment?
Princess Freesia's latest LP 'Stellasonic' has been my most listened to new CD of late; she's actually Australian but living here (England).

You've also worked extensively compiling songs for various albums. What's the key to putting together the ideal playlist?
When you put together a comp, it's not like doing a DJ mix. You are restricted to what is licensable. So you need to have a list of 30/ 40 songs if you want to end up with 20 you can get the rights for. It can be quite frustrating. Another thing you need is plenty of time as it can take a while doing the deals and then thinking of replacements if you get a lot of knock backs.

Who are some current artists you think are worth listening to?
Crackazat, Sean Mccabe, Opolopo, Hot Toddy, Kink and Rhemi are house producers I like.

Do you have a message for Aussie dance fans before you get here?
Have a wonderful Xmas.

Joey Negro plays Sugar (Adelaide) 30 December; plus The Port (early set) and Manly Wharf Hotel (late set) both in Sydney on 31 December. Joey also headlines the new, boutique NYD event Sunset Safari at Greenfields, Albert Park in Melbourne.

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