Jess Day With 5 Wholesome Ways To Procrastinate

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Jess Day has released her new single 'Rabbit Hole' and supports Boy & Bear on their Australian tour in August. Jess Day has released her new single 'Rabbit Hole' and supports Boy & Bear on their Australian tour in August.

Handpicked to support Boy & Bear on their August tour, Adelaide singer-songwriter Jess Day is brimming with confidence as she releases her newest single 'Rabbit Hole'.

“[The song is] about becoming utterly fed up with being in a turbulent relationship with somebody toxic for you,” Jess explains, “feeling trapped – biting your tongue out of fear that standing up for yourself might entice another destructive, emotional blow.

“The fear keeps you silent and stuck, decaying every day until you eventually get so beyond sick of it all and say 'screw you! I'm out.'”

Here, Jess shares some fun ways she likes to procrastinate: “For when I want to continue procrastinating, but want to do something slightly less useless than scrolling through Facebook or online shopping.”

1: Going to Office Works.

This one is at the top because it gives the illusion of productivity and a nice, new felt-tip pen never ceases to make me happy.

2: Going to a park.

My favourite is Victoria Park/ Pakapakanthi [in Adelaide] because there is a large diversity of dog breeds there. Your peak times are gonna be 11am, 3pm and 5:30pm Saturdays/ Sundays. I recommend sitting down in the middle of a wide, grassy area to relax as the dogs will approach you out of curiosity.

3: This sounds boring, but going to the library.

Similar to Office Works, it feels scholastic BUT think of the thing that you wanted to learn how to do; type that keyword in the searcher and you can procrastinate productively. Do you want to know how to make kombucha? Are you thinking 'what even is kombucha?'. Now is the time. The day before your 1,500-word assignment is due.

4: Baking.

This one can be done in the comfort of your own home. For me, there is a positive correlation between SWOT VAC and consumption of the foods in that pesky, little triangle at the peak of the food pyramid. My go-to is choc-chip cookie dough. Swap the eggs for oil so you can shovel it in safely. This also takes about 45 minutes to make, so it falls within the green zone of procrastination time. You also now have study snacks. Good work.

5: Pick up your instrument and noodle away.

The anxiety of procrastinating will, in turn, produce some great material. If you don’t play an instrument, make a playlist on Spotify of songs that will not embarrass you when you have people over. I would always luck it with shuffle (do not recommend) but now have a very suitable and not embarrassing playlist to go to. Alternatively, make a playlist for your best friend with all the songs that remind you of them. That is very wholesome.

'Rabbit Hole' is available now. Jess Day supports Boy & Bear on their August tour.

Boy & Bear Australia Tour 2019

Thu 15 Aug - The Tivoli Theatre (Brisbane)
Fri 16 Aug - Forum Melbourne
Sat 17 Aug - Enmore Theatre (Sydney)
Fri 23 Aug - Astor Theatre (Perth)


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