Jack Biilmann Is Trialling New Sounds

  • Written by  Nicholas Hastie
  • Thursday, 02 August 2018 14:34
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Jack Biilmann is touring with his recent single 'The Hills Have Eyes'. Jack Biilmann is touring with his recent single 'The Hills Have Eyes'.

After the recent release of his newest single, 'The Hills Have Eyes', Canberra musician Jack Biilmann is mid-way through a 22-date tour.

The roots/blues singer-songwriter has already built a solid back catalogue with the release of two, full-length albums. But with 'The Hills Have Eyes' Jack has deviated into new sonic territory. “[I'm] moving forward to some different sounds and I think this is a really cool track to start that off,” he says.

“If you listen to my older stuff, it's more singer-songwriter vibes. They're more stripped back with acoustic instruments.

“This is more of a breathing single for me. I'm going to go down the blues/ rock sort of road. More electric-sounding stuff rather than acoustic. But if I go there, I couldn't just jump straight there so this is a good, breathing single for that.

“We ended up with more rhythm and just some cooler and newer elements that I haven’t used before. This is what I had in mind [compared to] what I release. It's perfect. I'm really stoked with how it all sounds.”

In early May, Jack set out on an east-coast Australian tour kicking off in Canberra. Currently at its halfway point, the tour will finish up mid-August.

“For anyone who has seen me perform, you'll know that I really enjoy the banter,” Jack explains about his live show. “I sort of break the stereotype sometimes because I am a bit of a larrikin and I have a lot of fun with it.

“Those who have the same, silly sense of humour tend to really get drawn to my shows. There's always a lot of fun going on in the crowd.

“All these people are really emotionally connected to what they do and sometimes people can think I don't take it very seriously but I do. I take it so seriously. You could say that I have that Australian banter down-pat.”

Despite moving back into a band-based performance, Jack thoroughly enjoys his solo gigs. “I have sort of developed a one-man band set-up as well for my solo shows. This includes a harmonica miked to an amp which sounds really cool. [Also a] stomp-box, tambourine and a snare drum sound on my feet, plus a guitar that goes to two channels; so very clean.

“I'm moving into band mode again soon which is great fun, but the beauty of the solo set-up and gigs is that I only have myself to rely on.”

Jack Biilmann Tour 2018

Sat 4 Aug - The Vic (Wagga Wagga)
Sun 5 Aug - The Bended Elbow (Albury)
Fri 10 Aug - The Captain Cook Hotel (Sydney)
Sun 12 Aug - Hamilton Station (Newcastle)
Sat 18 Aug - Rad Bar (Wollongong)


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