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Top L-R: Bullhorn, Ofa Fanaika, Butterfingers; Bottom L-R: The Montgomery Brothers, Indigenoise, Dub Terminator Top L-R: Bullhorn, Ofa Fanaika, Butterfingers; Bottom L-R: The Montgomery Brothers, Indigenoise, Dub Terminator
It's not only festival revellers who are getting excited to attend this year's Island Vibe Festival.

Judging by the answers from a swag of this year's IV performers, the artists are equally amped to get across to the island for a healthy dose of island time.

What are you most looking forward to about this year's Island Vibe?

"Dancing to Havana meets Kingston Sound System! Going swimming at enjoying island life and good music." - Andrea Kirwin Band

"Catching up with friends and our Brisbane family! This is a local festival for us. We do so few local shows these days, it's great to see all the old crew." - Bullhorn

"Dancing salsa to Havana Meets Kingston, having a beer with Evil Eddie and bouncing to Bullhorn." - Drop Legs

"The Bird, The Beach & The Beer." - Butterfingers

"The thing I look forward to every year is having some time out of the city rat race. Me and a bunch of sexy ladies get a house each year; we've done this for the past seven years on the same street. We take the kids, we take the dogs, we take heaps of exotic fruits, and every board game gets a good work out. I look most forward to hang times with the crew with lots of watermelon." - Ofa Fanaika

"Pristine beaches, the honour of performing with an all star line-up and it'll be my first day back from the US, so I'll be relishing in the insurmountable freedom, quality of life and natural beauty Australia graces us with." - Amy Jane of The Crashcats

"Coming back as artists this time and show what we've got!" - Indigenoise

"Dancing and yarns with Mantaka!" - The Montgomery Brothers

"Experiencing the buzz of an Island Vibe festival and the chance to bring infectious ska rhythms to Straddie." - Pick It Up

"Camping with my friends, it's West End by the Sea." - Paulie B from The New Buzz

"Really excited about attending a festival where emphasis is placed on cultural exchange!" - Eva Lazarus

"Bringing my future dub vibe and dropping some bass!" - Dub Terminator

Three items that you will definitely be packing for Island Vibe?

"Beach Towel, Guitar for beach jams and go pros." - Andrea Kirwin Band

"Ha! Boardies, hat and a love for roots music." - Bullhorn

"Goat boat, skatey and scissors." - Drop Legs

"Thongs, quick-drys, goggles." - Butterfingers

"Lubricant (for the sand), sun cream, and a waterproof camera." - Baptiste from The 4'20 Sound

"Blow-up rainbow unicorn floating device. A little red tradies esky beverage receptacle. The look on your lover's face when you hand them an ice-cold fruity delicious beverage on the d-floor - priceless." - Ofa Fanaika

"Definitely packing buds, a rug and a glittery top hat, so I'm prepared for anything." - Amy Jane from The Crashcats

"Spray bottle ('cause it's usually hot), surfboard ('cause we love surfing), laptop (to make beats while on the island)." - Indigenoise

"Three pairs of Target jocks." - The Montgomery Brothers

"Our four piece horn section (a ska band has to have horns). Our really cool rhythm section (because they're tight as a drum). Something to kick back on the sand and take in the great atmosphere of the festival." - Pick It Up

"Slip! Slop! Slap!" - Paulie B from The New Buzz

"A toy laser, an ornate headdress of some description and the shiniest clothes in my wardrobe." - Eva Lazarus

"A beat machine, some dope rhyme and a peace pipe!" - Dub Terminator

Island Vibe Festival takes place on North Stradbroke Island (SE QLD) 26-29 October.


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