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Iron Chic played The Factory Floor (Sydney) 4 February, 2018. Iron Chic played The Factory Floor (Sydney) 4 February, 2018. Image © Facebook

It’s been a long year for Long Island band Iron Chic, who have spent much of the US autumn touring with hardcore act and fellow New Yorkers Off With Their Heads.

Landing in Australia without that band and with just their last record, ‘You Can’t Stay Here’, out, it was not surprisingly a big ask to get punters out on a Sunday night (4 February). But those who did make it weren’t disappointed.

One of the best band rooms in Sydney, The Factory Floor was comfortably crowded by the time the five-piece hit the stage, and even though they’d played an all-ages show in the afternoon there was no lack of energy or enthusiasm once they hit the stage.

With much of the set coming from 2017’s ‘You Can’t Stay Here’, there was no shortage of sing-along, hooky tunes; standouts being ‘My Best Friend (Is A Nihilist)’, ‘A Headache With Pictures’ and ‘Let’s. Get. Dangerous.’.

With frontman Jason Lubrano pacing the stage like a tiger, Iron Chic had no trouble whipping the Sunday night crowd into a frenzy. In fact, it felt like their set was over far too soon.

Last in the country in 2015, on the back of a Smith Street Band-curated event, the band have certainly grown into a headline act; and, judging by the emphatic fist-pumping and hugging happening in the front row, it won’t be long before they also graduate to bigger rooms here.

But for now, the DIY-punk veterans delivered on their reputation as being one of the best live acts in the scene and ensured everyone left with ringing ears and a smile.

This, along with irresistible hooks like on ‘Cutesy Monster Man’ from 2013’s breakout set ‘The Constant One’, made this Sunday night in Sydney much more enjoyable than most.


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