Indie Band June Low Are Galloping Towards A New Sound

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  • Friday, 03 November 2017 14:11
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June Low play The Bearded Lady (Brisbane) 17 November, 2017. June Low play The Bearded Lady (Brisbane) 17 November, 2017.
Two years after their debut album, June Low are changing things up for their second album 'Heart Gallop'.

The sophomore album from the Brisbane band will have a change in style. The band has described it with phrases such as 'wild post-apocalyptic imagery', 'lyrical storytelling' and 'songs that fizz in your mouth'.

Lead vocalist Emma White says the album will have “a much fuller sound".

“It’s a lot more indie pop, indie rock, a little bit post-punk. But there’s still a couple of ballads in there as well,” she says.

Brian Mann has joined the band bringing electric guitar with him, which is one reason Emma cites for their new direction. “It was a combination of new people, new instruments and waiting to do something different.

"Some of the songs [on ‘Exhale’] were ten-years old whereas this material is a lot newer and a lot fresher.”

The new album could be considered a thematic sequel to its predecessor; ‘Exhale’ dealt with the loss of love or relationships, whereas Emma states that ‘Heart Gallop’ will be “a more uplifting, positive view; being excited to be alive and moving towards something, towards relationships".

The first taste of June Low’s new sound will be coming in October, in the form of a music video for the track ‘Charles’.

The video was filmed in July at a variety of locations. “We did some in the studio, some out and about, in bushland and down at a pub. It was pretty fun,” Emma says.

“It’s about a guy who travels around Australia and he’s a bit of a hippie adventurer."

There have been various stimuli for June Low’s new material, one of which became a response to the film 'Welcome To Me'. “It was really inspiring for me,” Emma says about the film.

“I thought I needed to write a song about the situation this woman got herself into.”

Emma describes what else can be expected from the new material. “The lyrics are quite lusty, quite anxiety provoking.

"There’s definitely some anger in there too. When I need to process something I write about it, it’s a very cathartic process.

“I remember writing some of the lyrics on my phone at work because I just had to get it out. About half of the songs came in a three-month period, it was just a burst.”

Many of the songs will have their debut at the album launch in November. “We did have a show at Bris Fest recently but that was the first show in a little while, so this is a good opportunity for us to get back out there.”

June Low will likely perform the album in its entirety, alongside special guest acts Suicide Country Hour and Lords Of Wong. “It’s a line-up that’s a bit eclectic. It’ll be a dynamic night. I’m super pumped to play and I also think the other bands are fantastic,” Emma says.

June Low launch ‘Heart Gallop’ at The Bearded Lady (Brisbane) 17 November.


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