In Tune With RTRFM 92.1: Perth Community Radio Station's October 2018 Edition

Your Girl Pho plays Fremantle Spring Music Festival (13 October). Your Girl Pho plays Fremantle Spring Music Festival (13 October).

Our amazing new breakfast presenter Taylah Strano has officially joined the team and we couldn’t be more excited.

Taylah brings with her a deep understanding and love of the local music scene, and an enthusiastic and passionate energy that is usually hard to find at 6am. We have been absolutely loving waking up to Taylah each weekday morning and we look forward to more new ideas and fun times from this absolute legend.

Spring Has Sprung
RTRFM is excited to announce the inaugural Fremantle Spring Music Festival happening Saturday 13 October.

RTRFM will be annexing the port city once again for another evening of venue-crawling fun at both new and established Fremantle venues, featuring ten acts spanning exciting fresh faces and familiar Perth-Fremantle names.

Join us at Freo’s new and arguably most ‘Freo’ venue Rock Rover at the South Fremantle Football Club and the newly revamped Aardvark Bar FKA The Oddfellow – a true Fremantle institution. Good vibes are non-negotiable with venues like these two.

RTRFM’s lil’ mixtape vibe: Out To Lunch presenter Will Backler shares 5 acts set to play Fremantle Spring Music Festival.

In preparation for the festival let us introduce some of the acts that will be serenading you in the spring sun this October with a little playlist compiled by Out To Lunch presenter Will Backler. Take notes.

Doctopus - 'Hassle Free'

A name everyone should be familiar with by now, Doctopus will be delivering their loose, slacker-style garage rock to the appropriate Rock Rover.

The track 'Hassle Free' off of their great new album 'Double Dog Days' reminds of the messy garage of The Clean and the weirdo lo-fi attitude of R. Stevie Moore. Doctopus are sure to bring the boogie.

Mt. Mountain - 'Cathedral'

Psych-rock heavyweights Mt. Mountain will be bringing their renowned live show to blow the roof off the new Rock Rover. If you haven’t seen these guys yet, make sure you come out to the Fremantle Spring Music Festival to do so.

For a taste of what they do, have a listen to the behemoth 'Cathedral' and let the swell of fuzz guitars and chanting vocals creep in and take over.

Butter - 'Make It Home (Homie)'

New kids on the block Butter will provide smooth, neo-soul sounds with alternative hip hop deviations at the Aadvark Bar. For fans of the new-wave of Perth neo-soul artists like Jamilla, Demon Days and Izatang, Butter is a must-watch.

'Make it Home (Homie)' lays down a solid hip hop beat with sultry jazz chords and ‘buttery’ basslines, led by warm vocal styles a la King Krule. Believe the hype.

Shy Panther - 'Bullet Time'

This Krautrock tinged neo-soul track from Shy Panther perfectly sums up what to expect when you see the group lay it down at Rock Rover in October.

Crisp drums and playful basslines fuse with soaring vocals, synths and jazzy guitars to create this fantastic cut from their recent release 'Intermissions' – a must-see.

Your Girl Pho - 'I Can't Take It'

Your Girl Pho will be performing at the Aardvark Bar with her excellent live show providing her brand of defiant nu-soul reminiscent of Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill.

The track ‘I Can’t Take It’ encapsulates her live energy perfectly with thumping P-Funk synth basslines and stellar vocal movements; it’s sure to go off at the Aadvark in October.

The most played tracks on RTRFM in August

Your Girl Pho - 'I Can't Take It'
Demon Days - 'Disco Baby'
Feels - 'Cutie Pie'
Mojo Juju - 'Native Tongue'
Peter Bibby - 'Work For Arseholes'
Tanaya Harper - 'Graceless'
Demon Days - '6056'
Hyclass - 'Queen'
Web Rumours - 'Downtown Denizen'


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