In Tune With RTRFM 92.1: Perth Community Radio Station's August 2017 News

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Between 11-20 August, RTRFM in Perth is celebrating their annual Radiothon.

This year they’re asking you to 'share the love' and support radio with heart. Around a third of their annual funding comes from Radiothon. That’s people like you that subscribe and donate to RTRFM to help keep them on air for another year.

Subscribers get stacks of benefits, like cheap entry into RTRFM events, discounts at local businesses, the chance to win prizes throughout the year and best of all – great radio.

Subscribe or donate by calling 9260 9210 or visit online.

RTRFM’s Lil’ Mixtape Vibe

To get you in a lovin’ mood, RTRFM’s Music Coordinator and Out To Lunch presenter Will Backler has put together the playlist he’s going to be sharing with everyone this August.

1. Slum Village - ‘Fall In Love’

To share the love of '90s hip hop, this track from iconic Detoit trio’s second album, 'Fall In Love' sees J Dilla at his finest with the beat, combining addictive drums with MCs Baatin and T3 smooth, heartfelt verses, tied together by deep emotional chords.

2. Head High - 'It’s A Love Thing (Piano Invasion)'

To share the love of banging warehouse parties, this tune from René Pawlowitz under his Head High alias has several mixes. but the Piano Invasion is the one for me. Pounding drums, hypnotic vocal samples and classic techno stabs, sure to create shared love on any dancefloor at 3am.

3. The Velvet Underground - 'Some Kinda Love'

To share the love of definitive rock & roll, you can’t go past The Velvet Underground and this mellow, softly psyched-out song from their third album. Sit back, relax and let your mind ponder Lou Reed’s restrained lyrics on what could be the true definition of love. “No Kinds of Love are Better than Others.”

4. Björk - All Is Full Of Love (Plaid Remix)

To share the love of a good remix, Plaid’s take on the classic Björk track 'All Is Full Of Love' is a great remix in every sense of the word; staying faithful to the vocal arrangement of the original, the English electronic wiz duo of Andy Turner and Ed Handley gave the track a turbo charge of percussion and stirring synths.

5. DJ Hype feat. MC Fats - 'Peace, Love & Unity'

To share the love of definitive drum & bass meets jungle, this anthem from DJ Hype is just the ticket packing rolling sub-basses, twisted drum breaks and MC Fats delivering some inspirational, utopian lyrics spreading the message of one love across the planet.

The most played tracks on RTRFM in June

• Mogwai - 'Coolverine'
• Radiohead - 'I Promise'
• Ziggy Ramo - 'Same Script'

• Demon Days - 'Hurricanes Of Light'
• Human Buoy - 'Anvils'
• Usurper Of Modern Medicine - 'House Of Reps'
• Verge Collection - 'For The Story'


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