Interview: Immerse Yourself In Bliss With Smoke Sign

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  • Tuesday, 18 October 2016 14:59
Smoke Sign is the project of 29-year old Portland, Oregon-based producer Kris Mosher.

Before becoming an electronic producer, what was your very first introduction to music?
I was trained as a vocalist from a very young age, and I remember my mum singing me to sleep with Beatles songs.

How did you become involved with electronic music?
In 1998 when I was 13, my friend Alex and I were invited to a 'wedding reception in the woods' by his mum of all people, quite a strange wedding reception. Turned out to be a big, outdoor old-school rave.

You're originally from Guatemala. How did you come to live and work in Portland?
I was adopted at two-weeks old and brought to the west coast[of America]. I spent most of my childhood in Eugene, Oregon. So when it was time to move somewhere bigger, Portland was a natural fit. It's been such a lovely city to me since I got here, I love 'Portlandia'.

Do your cultural roots and back-story heavily influence the music you produce?
Yes, totally! I think most artists are formed by their cultural roots, even if only subconsciously. Although I think Tetrameth and Shadow FX also get huge credit for inspiring my sound, my native roots have absolutely influenced my music heavily and will always continue to do so.

How are you feeling about your upcoming 2017 Australian tour?
What can I say? I feel totally blown away and exhilarated. This is the culmination of five years worth of hard work to get here and it's finally happening. I am so incredibly grateful for all the love and support this has had, and cannot wait to share my sound with the Australian tribe.

The tour starts with the Zenon Label Party in Melbourne and concludes at Earth Frequency Festival. Is the tour just one big party for you?
I'm a bit of an introvert and a wallflower at shows, so I usually don't do much partying. I guess I'm guilty of being a bit of a bore at parties, but Oz is a special occasion... I may get out my party hat for January/ February ;)

Will you get any time off while on tour?
I should have a very good chunk of off-time during the five weeks, and I am mostly looking forward to seeing old friends. The last four years in the USA, I had the pleasure of meeting quite a few amazing folks from around this way [Australia], so it will be wonderful to come to their stomping grounds and see how they are.

Are you going to be playing any club or sideshows?
The plan is to play as much as possible while I am over there, so I still have all the weekdays in between my weekend dates. I also still currently have ONE free weekend left in the tour. Feel free to contact my artist page for more details.

In a sentence, tell us what it's like to party with Smoke Sign?
Immerse yourself in bliss.

Are you working on another album?
I am working on a bunch constantly. Right now, I am working on a big remix album called 'The Storyteller's Weave', where I will be remixing ten of my personal favourite producers. I am also working on a new EP for Zenon, entitled 'The Middle Of Nowhere'. I am doing some very cool releases soon with other labels outside Zenon, as well as the very first Zenon Records single: my collaboration with Astrix. Keep an ear to my Soundcloud; lots of new stuff in the works.

Type 'smoke sign' into Google and your name is the very first two result hits. How on earth did you manage that?
I actually made sure to do a Google search when I first came up with my moniker, to make sure that I wasn't copying an already marketed idea. Just me and no smoking signs, hahaha!

Do you have a message for your Australian fans before you get here?
I'll see you all you soon, under moon and star.

Smoke Sign performs at Earth Frequency Festival at Ivory's Rock (South East Queensland) 17-20 February.


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