Husky Named 2018 Mullum Music Festival Patrons

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  • Wednesday, 03 October 2018 14:04
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Husky have been named patrons of 2018 Mullum Music Festival (15-18 November). Husky have been named patrons of 2018 Mullum Music Festival (15-18 November).

Ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding for Melbourne indie-rockers Husky who have been announced as the patrons for this year's Mullum Music Festival (MMF).

It's a distinguished honour for Husky, who are no strangers to the MMF stages having performed at the festival several times since their first appearance there some seven years ago. Husky follow in the footsteps of previous patrons Mama Kin, Harry James Angus and Suzannah Espie.

When Husky hit the stage at MMF this year, they'll be armed with some new material, such as their latest single 'Walking In Your Sleep', which they toured around the country back in April.

Before they thrill crowds at Mullum Music Festival, we sat down with vocalist/ guitarist Husky Gawenda.

What has the band been up to so far in 2018?
Since our last tour in April, we’ve been writing and working on demos, starting to carve out our next release. And surfing!

How was the 'Walking In Your Sleep' single tour back in April? Did you get a good response to new material?
We noticed more than ever before how great our audience is here in Australia. They bring such good spirit to the shows and really help us reach new heights.

I also felt like the band felt the best it ever has on those shows. We really clicked and had a good time, which is really important. The chemistry has to be there, even more than the skills perhaps.

Has there been much of a change in your music and songwriting since releasing the 'Punchbuzz’ album last year?
I think it’s always changing and developing. I feel like every time I record and release music, I shed a layer of inhibition and become freer [sic].

I also feel like I get more and more excited about making records. There aren’t many things you can do a lot of in life and not get a bit sick of them. So that’s a blessing.

Husky will be performing as patrons of the Mullum Music Festival (MMF), this must be quite an honour for the band?
It’s an amazing festival, run by great people who are true music lovers and have integrity. That’s a rare thing, integrity.

Mullum has helped support and grow musicians careers for many years now. They took us onboard before anyone knew who we were and they have done so with countless artists. It is always an honour to be on their amazing line-ups and yes, even more so to be the patrons this year.

Do you remember the first time you played at MMF? How'd it go?
I do remember. It was a particularly hot day, too hot for us Melburnians. We had just started touring a lot so we weren’t used to it and we were very tired; it was at the end of a long tour.

But the audience were so engaged and open, we couldn’t help but be lifted up. We unplugged and went out into the middle of the audience and sang a Leonard Cohen song and the whole place sang along. Can’t forget that.

Considering it's a special occasion for you, what will your show at MMF this year be like?
The show's under tight wraps, I can’t give anything away yet.

Will you be taking some time to check out the other artists playing? Who's on your radar?
I’ll see as much as I can. Hannah Cameron, the Piano Bar which Gideon will be programming and performing at, Gabriella Cohen, Jordie Lane off the top of my head. But I’m sure there are many more.

How important has MMF been in the development of Husky?
It gave us a leg up when we needed it and has helped us grow and sustain a fan base in that part of the world. It has also been a place where we have felt safe and inspired to present new material, and beginning of many musical friendships that have endured.

When you go on tour, what do you never leave home without?
My binoculars – for bird watching.

When might we hear some more new music from you guys?
At Mullum.

Mullum Music Festival (NSW) takes place 15-18 November with Bombino, Mad Professor, Ben Ottewell, Gordi, Mike Love, Saint Sister, Osaka Monaurail and The Turner Brown Band headlining alongside Husky.


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