Holy Holy Offer A Glimpse At A New Album

  • Written by  Nicholas Hastie
  • Friday, 02 November 2018 15:12
Holy Holy are on a national Australian tour this November and December. Holy Holy are on a national Australian tour this November and December.

Holy Holy provide fans the first taste of an upcoming third album with the release of their new single, ‘Faces’.

“We knew we wanted to try a few different things with this album, so ['Faces'] was the first exploration of that new kind of approach,” band member Tim Carroll says.

‘Faces’ came together around the time the band were touring their 2017 record ‘Paint’, and while they were preparing for their second ‘Like A Version’ with triple j. “Oscar [Dawson] and I were emailing back and forth about what we could do and one of them was that Beyonce song ['Hold Up'], which we ended up doing.

"So, Oscar flew down to Launceston where I live and we went out to my farm. We set-up in this little shack that I have on my property [with] a few mics and guitars. Over two days we worked on the Beyonce song and tried to figure out if it was going to work and we recorded this little acoustic version of ‘True Lovers’.

“That was the same session we started mucking around with the vocal motif around ‘Faces’. We were just playing around and it was nice because there wasn’t a lot of pressure.”

As ‘Faces’ is the first taste of Holy Holy’s self-produced upcoming album, Tim describes the song as an evolution from their previous records. “As a band, we like to keep evolving and changing our sound. It’s just about making music that continues to be exciting for us.

“With this next record, we are producing it ourselves with Oscar leading the way. He’s started producing a lot of records in the last year or so. When we started looking at doing this next record, we thought it might be exciting to produce [it] ourselves.

“The nice thing about producing ourselves is that anytime Oscar and I are together we can be making this record. We don’t need a big studio or anything fancy. We’ve made a lot of this record in little home studios and in any small set-ups with a laptop and a mic. It’s nice to have that freedom rather than being tied to certain days in the studio.

“The way we are creating it is less like bands in a room and more like composing on the computer, and cutting sounds and ideas up and pulling it all apart and pulling it back together. It’s a very different process, but one that has a lot of freedom to it.”

To support the release of the new single, Holy Holy are heading off on an Australian tour in November alongside Clews and San Mei. “The supports are really worth catching for this run - two really interesting artists that are putting out new music at the moment.

"If you do fork out for the ticket, come down early and make sure you see those bands too. For us, we will be traversing out catalogue on this run. We’re going to be playing a handful of new songs.

“Holy Holy has been a band that has slowly grown over the last couple of records. It doesn’t feel like that long ago where I was playing in 200-cap venues with 50 people in them clinging to the walls and I did that for years and years before Holy Holy.

“For me, it’s crazy to be playing a sold-out Metro [Sydney] or 170 Russell [Melbourne]. I still have to pinch myself that we are able to do that. It’s such and honour and thrill.”

‘Faces’ is out now.

Holy Holy Australia Tour 2018

Thu 15 Nov - Cambridge Hotel (Newcastle)
Fri 16 Nov - The Beery (Terrigal, Central Coast)
Sat 17 Nov - The Metro (Sydney) 

Thu 22 Nov - Solbar (Sunshine Coast)
Fri 23 Nov - Miami Marketta (Gold Coast)
Sat 24 Nov - The Triffid (Brisbane) 

Thu 29 Nov - Mojo's (Fremantle)
Fri 30 Nov - The Rosemount Hotel (Perth) 

Sat 1 Dec - Yalls Summer Fest (Yallingup)
Thu 6 Dec - The Gov (Adelaide)
Fri 7 Dec - 170 Russell (Melbourne)


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