Hilltop Hoods @ Adelaide Entertainment Centre Review, 2016

  • Written by  Jackie Lymn
  • Monday, 18 April 2016 14:24
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Hilltop Hoods at Brisbane Entertainment Centre 8 April, 2016 Hilltop Hoods at Brisbane Entertainment Centre 8 April, 2016 Image © Charlyn Cameron

Hilltop Hoods returned home to put on their biggest show yet, selling out the Adelaide Entertainment Centre (16 April).

Hilltop Hoods’ Suffa and MC Pressure enter the stage with an overwhelming air of confidence and assurance. The crowd is behind them from the minute the orchestra scratch at the first string, singing their praises from the hilltops.

Click here for photos from the Brisbane show.

Standing on the speakers at the front of the stage, the boys waste no time in starting the night out with a bang, jumping from song to song with no room to breathe in between. Crowd favourites were not lacking, including 'Chase That Feeling', 'Cosby Sweater' and 'The Nosebleed Section'.

However, it was the lesser-known songs which really stole the show, with the addition of the symphony orchestra bringing the venue alive. Goosebumps were a common fashion choice, as the chamber singers accompanied the Hoods and added a spine-tingling air of mystery and charisma to the set. The energy that filled the building was colossal. One heartbeat resounded throughout the arena and every arm pounded the air in unison as the heavy beat heaved towards the roof.

It was when their opening act, Maverick Sabre, joined them on stage that the magic started to happen. The combination of the Hilltop Hoods’ fast-paced lyricism and Maverick’s exceptional range, left all that were able to witness it in awe. The Irishman, who has worked with artists such as Professor Green and Joey Badass, earned many new fans with his performance. His presence on stage, even when up there with two of Australia’s best hip hop personalities, is undeniable.

The night drew to a close with 'Rattling The Keys To The Kingdom' and resounding applause. And all that is left to be said is, Suffa and MC Pressure definitely have the keys to Adelaide. And in their own words: “We came and we conquered.”

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