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Hideous Sun Demon Hideous Sun Demon

Perth psych rockers Hideous Sun Demon (which is one of the better band names going around; just sayin') will pack up their instruments and head to Badlands for Acid Rain in July.

We thought we'd track the band down for a one on one Q&A. They came to the party with some cracking responses. [Ed's note: don't expect us to be drinking your pee anytime soon HSD]

You have a string of tour dates the next month or so… you guys must be wired for the trip?
Very wired. It's our first tour of the year, so we've made it a pretty extensive one. We have four dates lined up in New Zealand, which is insane. We're playing with a lot of cool bands as well.

Does the band enjoy life on the road? Best tour story you can tell scenestr?
We enjoy touring a lot. Last time we all missed our flights 'coz we got chicken parmigianas. There was another time when Jake was quite drunk and he climbed a tree. At the time he was quite excited about it. There was a couple nearby probably having a date. They didn't seem to enjoy it very much so they moved, probably because Jake kept shouting “I'm in a tree” really loudly. But I thought it was cool.

Then there was this other time where Ali from Boat Show pissed in a glass and we all drank a bit. Some of our friends ended up vomiting heaps, but we kept it down because we are experienced and strong.

The tour is to promote your new single 'Idiotic Dream'; how does this new chapter of the band compare to your earlier efforts?
The last album we decided to do a lo-fi thing and it kinda backfired on us. So this album we went all out in trying to get a big, full sound that captures our live energy. We've definitely gotten a lot closer to what we want to sound like recorded.

This song in particular is one of the most melodic we've ever put out, but it still has that high-energy garage/ drone/ kraut thing going through it. The whole album isn't consistently melodic; it has some of the most dissonant stuff we've done on it as well. But it's all linked by this clearer, fuller sound. We spent a lot more time finessing it than anything else we've put out.

When can we expect the new album to see the light of day?
Sometime early next year.

The band played BIGSOUND 2016 in Brisbane; what was that experience like? And how were your industry networking skills?
BIGSOUND is sick and congrats to all the bands who have gotten in so far for this year. We had a great time, didn't get to see any conferences but a lot of great bands in a very small area. Our networking skills are pretty good for a bunch of socially-anxious losers.

Rest of 2017; what's in the works with you guys?
Touring again in September. We have some exciting shows to announce 'round then and have another music video in the works.

On stage or the studio… do you prefer one more than the other?
We are definitely a live band. That's always been apparent. Recording is a whole lot of fun though and it's always good trying to capture that energy. This album we experimented with a whole bunch of new stuff.

Dockers or Eagles?
There are a surprising amount of avid football fans in the music scene. We, on the other hand, are not and probably the worst people to ask. I know Lee likes WWE. I do have a lot of childhood/ family friends who are long time Dockers supporters. I miss the all-purple.

Hideous Sun Demon play Acid Rain at Badlands (Perth) 22 July. The band also play Monkey House as part of Umbrella: Winter City Sounds at Gunson Street Carpark (Adelaide) 29 July.


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