Great Gable Perth Review @ The Sewing Room

Great Gable played The Sewing Room (7 September) in Perth. Great Gable played The Sewing Room (7 September) in Perth.

Fans were ready to celebrate with Great Gable at The Sewing Room (7 September) in Perth for their final show of their national 'Pillars' tour.

Together with supports Noah Dillon and Grace Armstrong, the capacity crowd rode the highs and lows – literally.

Opening the night was a young woman ahead of her years, Grace Armstrong. Stepping out solo, holding the room from the heart with ease she began with 'Why Do Birds Fly' from her recently released debut EP 'Good Fortunes'.

The beauty of her soft yet powerful voice with an occasional hint of rasp, enmeshed with her guitar acoustics and lyrics about the intricacies of human experience, appears effortless while making you feel like you’re the only one in the room.

The honesty of a dreamy new song she’d finished that day called 'Long Run' could easily be one of those tunes for watching a shimmering sunset.

With folk-rock songs that grab you with quirky lyrics that hold you until the end, Noah Dillon and his band’s unwavering energy encouraged the crowd into the night. Each song contained rhythmic and lyrical twists and turns, the crowd wanting more.

Performing songs such as his larger than life and yet to be released 'Upside-Down, Disappear' and recently released 'You Did It To Yourself', Noah’s songs are colourfully woven with honesty and speak volumes of his indelible songwriting creativity.

Headlining the night, Great Gable’s mash of indie rock with occasional hints of reggae and alt. country had fans jumping.

The south-western boys based in Perth celebrated the final show of their 'Pillars' tour, and as they started up on their second song, 'Punga', the crowd roared. They performed new songs such as 'Golden Slums' and 'Cool Mind Blue' – a dreamy song intertwined with the sounds of saxophonist Geordie Bay.

“Shout out to Trish, my mum in her red leather jacket,” Alex said before thanking family and friends for coming that night. Lighters in the air, the crowd swayed, sang and crowd surfed to 'Shine', before an encore of 'Drift', their most popular song to date with 1.5 million streams.


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