Good Charlotte Are Ready To Download Down Under

  • Written by  Amber Hall
  • Friday, 09 March 2018 15:54
Good Charlotte play Download Festival in Melbourne plus side shows in Sydney and Brisbane. Good Charlotte play Download Festival in Melbourne plus side shows in Sydney and Brisbane.

Good Charlotte (who formed in the mid '90s) were part of the rise of the pop-punk genre.

The group's bassist Paul Thomas tells us about the band's influences when they first met in high school.

“Weezer, Green Day, Everclear. We were '90s rock boys, so those were definitely big bands for us. That was how we got along in the beginning. We were all buddies that listened to the same music, when everyone around us was listening to hip hop.”

With six albums spanning two decades, Paul says it's always difficult to choose what to perform live. “It gets hard to pick what songs to put in such a limited amount of time when you have so many songs.

“So we know what the fans go 'off to' the most, and we know what we like playing the most. So we kind of make a set list based off of those things. So sometimes not all albums will make it onto the set.”

Later this month Good Charlotte will return to Australia. “The last time [visiting Australia], for me personally, was the [last] album release. We came over and played 'The Voice', playing 'Life Can't Get Much Better'. So that was [autumn] of last year. But before that it had been a really long time.”

While down under, Good Charlotte will also be playing Download Festival in Melbourne. “There's a bunch of bands I'm excited to see.

“We're playing with Issues. I've seen them before, but man I'm a fan of those guys. And there's Korn and Limp Bizkit. They were really influential bands for us growing up too. We saw Korn play live and we were like, 'woah we need to change how we do our whole live thing'.”

Good Charlotte's headline shows in Sydney and Brisbane will be supported by Neck Deep, Falling In Reverse, Issues and Chase Atlantic. “I'm a fan of those bands too,” Paul says.

“Ryan, the drummer from Falling In Reverse, is a really good buddy of mine. And I've seen them play a bunch on Warped Tour and those guys are really, really good live.

“I haven't seen Neck Deep yet, but I've met those guys and they're really cool. I really like their music. And we keep talking about touring with them, so maybe we'll be seeing them a lot more in the near future,” Paul says.

After their trip to Australia, Good Charlotte have a busy year ahead. “Well, we're going to put out a new album. And we're going to continue to tour in all the places that want to see Good Charlotte. We're still very grateful to be able to do this. Keep at it for a little while longer, before we decide we're too old to be doing this.

“I have a feeling [the new album] is going to be heavier and darker. From the music that I've heard so far, and from where everyone's musical tastes are at the moment, it's going to be ambitious, it's going to be heavier and it's going to be more like channelling 'Chronicles Of Life And Death' [Good Charlotte's third album].”

Good Charlotte Tour Dates

Sat 24 Mar - Download Festival (Melbourne)
Mon 26 Mar - Hordern Pavilion (Sydney)
Wed 28 Mar - Riverstage (Brisbane)


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