Genevieve Chadwick: The Self-Taught Guitarist

  • Written by  Ellen Cook
  • Thursday, 14 July 2016 15:25
Genevieve Chadwick has an incredible talent for playing the guitar as well as being a singer-songwriter who touches the soul.

Her career as a guitarist started as a bored, hyperactive kid. “Mum got sick of me saying I'm bored! We had a family friend that was learning guitar and I knew dad had a few dusty guitars, so eventually I said 'I wanna learn guitar!' Mum found a guy out of the paper. He was a teenager looking to earn some pocket money. [The guitar] just came naturally to me, I was good at it and that really spurred me on.”

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Genevieve will bring her talents to the Adelaide Guitar Festival (AGF), an opportunity she quickly accepted. “I definitely said yes. It was very flattering to be invited to play. Big festivals always inspire me and have me wanting to get back in the jam room. They are so much fun with a beautiful, ready-made audience, they want to listen to you and be a part of it. There is a real transfer of energy, it’s a great environment.”

”It is very flattering to be compared to John Butler.”

She will be playing alongside Daniel Champagne at AGF, a prospect she is excited about. “I’ll be playing with Daniel. I’ve known him for a while, he is amazing. We differ as he is formally trained and I’m trained more by ear, but he has an incredible style. I haven’t seen him in about a year, so I’m excited to see what he is up too.”

Genevieve is currently in the first phases of writing another album. “No recording dates are set yet. I’m writing songs and racking up enough for an album. Definitely looking to release a third album soon.”

When asked about possible collaborations her reply displays her joy for playing with Champagne. “No, I don’t have any collaborations planned. I might have to hit Dan up.”

Although Genevieve has created a unique style, she is often described as the female version of John Butler. When asked if this comparison influences her, the response was quite simple. “No, it doesn’t influence me. If anything, it does the opposite as I hope [my music] does not sound like him, I want to be known for me. It is definitely very flattering to be compared to him though, and it is a good reference for people who don’t know my music.”

She has certainly cemented her own style despite the comparison, as her energising, self-expression style has led her to tour internationally in countries like Germany and Canada. She says the opportunity to tour Germany is one of her best experiences. “I had first played with The Hussy Hicks three years ago as a support. I then got invited back twice. It was very flattering and I was received really well. I felt very lucky.

“I feel very lucky to have a gift that allows me to travel the world and meet new people, go to new places. Touring and playing festivals is so different from real life, it leaves me inspired by life.” Whether she is playing a small, listening venue with 60 people or the courtyard of a castle in Germany, her best experiences on stage are when the crowd and her go to a place together.

“It’s an incredible feeling. It’s like 'holy moly! I've got these people; they are with me'. It’s a feeling I always chase.”

Genevieve Chadwick plays the Adelaide Guitar Festival 13 August.


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