Ganga Giri Is Creating Music Encouraging People To Dance

  • Written by  Ellen Cook
  • Sunday, 16 October 2016 18:47
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Ganga Giri Ganga Giri

Creating dance music that is positive, fun and encourages people to get up and dance is what Ganga Giri has managed to create through an incredible infusion between the didgeridoo and electronic beats.

His style was born out of wanting to make dance music complete. "Creating my music started a while ago now. I was a drummer in a band and I started to hear a lot of dance music that to me just wasn't complete yet, it felt like it needed to be more organic.

“So I started writing my own music and creating my own sound. I basically created music that I wanted to dance to and I've been doing that for about 20 years."

The choice to use the didgeridoo and explore world music is an idea that Ganga feels passionate about, particularly because it brings out a real sense of community. "Music is a universal language. When people gather in one place to celebrate music it becomes a community.

"I think my role, as well as being a musician, is to be a community facilitator by creating global music and highlighting indigenous Australian instruments. Using other elements from different cultures to create a multicultural sound is really what we have here in Australia and it's important to show that off."

Ganga exudes the message of one world, one time, one people through his music, an idea that he explains is more important than ever. “It gets back to the idea that we really are one people.

"When you are out here dancing, gender, religion, colour doesn't matter, we are all one people. One time means the present, we only really have the present because there is not point to worrying about the past or the future.

"I think that message of support and creating memorable experiences with each other is even more important now, especially with the media blowing certain things up. We should be celebrating diversity rather than segregating each other."

Ganga will be taking his positive dance music to the new, live, world music festival Dub In The Park in early November. The cultural, community-minded vibe is what drew Ganga to the event. "Well, I’m excited as it's a brand new festival and the organisers have a community-minded approach.

"There is a good line-up and the fact that I'm able to play new tracks is what I'm really looking forward to. I've recently had a baby girl, so I've taken a year off; I've been in the studio, so I'm excited to have people hear the new music."

Music festivals have always drawn Ganga; he has played leading festivals everywhere from Australia to Europe with the one thing that pulls him back being very obvious. "The people! People are at their best at festivals.

"The festivals I play are fun and groovy. People are looking forward to going and with that energy comes a collective mindset and hug vibe that just brings out the best in everyone. There is nothing more inspiring than playing in a new place, meeting new friends, hearing new music and discovering new art. It can be a real spiritual experience."

After Dub In The Park, Ganga has plans to continue to share his music and message. “I’ve got a few local shows in Melbourne, I'm going to play a new festival called Tumble Weed and I've got a few other things on the cards. I have applied to play anything, so I'm just saying yes to things that get offered and I want to play. I've got enough to keep me busy and happy."

Ganga Giri plays Dub In The Park at the Living Kaurna Cultural Centre (Adelaide) 5 November.


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