Fractures Shows He’s Still Here On New Album

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  • Friday, 10 February 2017 11:09
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Fractures Fractures

It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over for the debut, full-length album from Melbourne producer and singer-songwriter, Fractures.

Having released a series of singles and EPs over the past few years, Fractures (real name Mark Zito) says it was finally time to compile the songs he’s been writing into an album entitled ‘Still Here’ that's available now. “It’s been a culmination of two to three years of songwriting without an album in mind necessarily,” Mark says.

“But I had a collection of songs and the amount was enough to warrant an album and ultimately I didn’t feel comfortable just bringing out EPs consecutively.”

Looking back on the extensive period of time it took to write and record ‘Still Here’, Mark says that while it allowed him to create the best possible album, it was also challenging running over the same material for so long. “For the most part, you do lose perspective a little bit when it’s stretched out over a long period of time.

“Also, just because you hammer a song so many times I guess your perspective of what’s a good song and how strong an album is gets a bit lost just because you’re hearing it day in and day out and sometimes you get tired of them. I’m in this weird cycle of loving it and hating it at the same time.”

Mark worked with Wayne Connolly, who has produced records for Boy & Bear and The Paper Kites, to produce and mix ‘Still Here’, with Mark taking a commanding role in the final cut. “My control-freak tendencies shine in that aspect, I like to steer the songs,” he admits.

“Wayne definitely added flourishes, which are really nice and I’m all for, but production-wise I’d be happy to take credit for better or worse, we’ll see how the album goes.

“He was another set of ears which was great and he was really instrumental in putting the songs into reality. It was good to have him.”

The first taste of ‘Still Here’ was last year's lead single ‘Alchemy’, which has been followed up in 2017 with latest single, ‘Fall Harder’, accompanied by a video featuring a more stripped-back version of the song.

Mark says video production is also a chance for him to show his skills beyond the mixing desk. “We just spent the day in the studio a couple of months back. I have a bunch of videos in the vault which are different variations on the original songs, so hopefully I can tickle people's fancies with those and perhaps show I can do more than produce and sit behind a computer, I can play and sing.”

Mark will be taking ‘Still Here’ on the road for a short tour in February. It will be Mark’s first shows in Brisbane since he wowed the BIGSOUND set in September last year, and he says he’s looking forward to getting back there. “It was good,” Mark says of his time at BIGSOUND.

“I suppose the main reason you go up there is to sow the seeds in industry circles and perhaps it wasn’t too fruitful in that sense, but because I don’t get to Brisbane too often it was nice to get a turnout. It’s nice to know there is a fan base and they’re keen, and it was a good response to what was a turbo set.”

'Still Here' is available now.

Fractures Shows

Fri 17 Feb - The Brightside (Brisbane)

Sat 18 Feb - Newtown Social Club (Sydney)

Fri 24 Feb - Howler (Melbourne)


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