Foreign Beggars: At Last, Their New Album Will Have A Summer Release

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  • Tuesday, 05 December 2017 15:11
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Foreign Beggars tour Australia December 2017. Foreign Beggars tour Australia December 2017.
It's been five years since hip hop, electronic crossover outfit Foreign Beggars released their last studio album 'The Uprising'.

The time between records has not gone unnoticed, with an all-star cast of music stars like Task Force, Skibadee Izzy Gibbs and Big Narstie asking: 'where the f@#$ is the new Foreign Beggars album?'.

Pavan Mukhi, who raps for the group under his moniker Orifice Vulgatron says he understands their frustration, with this being the most time they've ever had between releases. “This is the longest gap we've ever had between putting albums out,” Pavan says.

“Since we started we pretty much consistently had an album out every three years for our first four albums and then we dropped two albums two years in a row, so that was the Beggars album in 2012 and then starting the next year we dropped the 'I Am Legion' [in collaboration with Noisia] album.

"It's been just over three years now and people are starting to say 'where the f@#$ is it?'" he laughs.

Pavan explains why Foreign Beggars have taken longer to write and produce their brand new album entitled '2 2 Karma', due for release next year in February. “Basically because we put out two albums in a row,” he says.

“'I Am Legion' was supposed to come out in 2012 and that got delayed a lot. So with 'The Uprising' album we didn't rush it, but we scrambled and smashed out an album out of nowhere – that was supposed to be an EP just to tide us over but... we turned it into a whole album.”

Foreign Beggars have been a force to reckon with since they formed in 2002. Initially an underground hip hop crew, the group have successfully crossed over into the realm of electronica and become an international touring sensation.

For the '2 2 Karma' album, Pavan says he and his bandmates wanted to take some time and refocus themselves on their craft in order to make the best possible album they could.

“We've been touring and putting out releases for about 13 years solid, so we wanted to have life experience and figure out the sound and direction of where [the music] is going,” he says.

“We've been full steam ahead for so many years we just wanted to have some life experience for a little while and then come back with some real art, as opposed to rushing something out.

"We're reassessing the lay of the land and getting more in touch with the art we want to make as opposed to doing something because we should do something.”

Foreign Beggars will be on tour in December and Pavan says he and the band are looking forward to their Australian return. “We can't wait to come back,” he says.

“I love it out there and also coming out for that time of year is banging. We've been coming there for a decade now so we're really looking forward to it.

"The last few times we've been out we've been on the Stereosonic tour as well, which is f@#$ing amazing, but it's a little bit less personal than having hard-ticket shows with your real fans.”

'2 2 Karma' will be available from 15 February, 2018.

Foreign Beggars Tour Dates

Fri 8 Dec - The Met (Brisbane)
Sat 9 Dec - Manning Bar (Sydney)
Fri 15 Dec - Brown Alley (Melbourne)
Sat 16 Dec - Villa (Perth)


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