First Watch: Hilltop Hoods Drop New New Track 'Clark Griswold'

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Hilltop Hoods release new single 'Clark Griswold'. Hilltop Hoods release new single 'Clark Griswold'.

An ode of sorts to one of the '80s most-beloved characters, Hilltop Hoods return with their new single, 'Clark Griswold', featuring the soulful voice of emerging star Adrian Eagle.

This is the Hoods first new material since their 2016 album 'Drinking From The Sun, Walking Under Stars Restrung'.

"'Clark Griswold' is a song about becoming a father and taking account of our weaknesses as a result," the Hoods says.

"On a basic level it's about being a flawed person that's trying to do better."

Given 'Clark Griswold' is released today (Friday the 13th), the Hoods have cooked up a B-grade horror video to accompany the single filmed by Richard Coburn on location in Ironbank, SA.

"As the video for 'Clark Griswold' is dropping on Friday the 13th we thought we'd better at least try to incorporate some horror movie elements, albeit pretty tame (we wanted it to be horrifically violent, but even more than that, we didn't want YouTube pulling it).

"As you watch the clip you see generation after generation of Dad's go missing. The suspect? I'm going to go ahead and say that it's probably the guy with the axe wearing the clown mask? Spoiler!"

'Clark Griswold' feat. Adrian Eagle is out today; click here for more information.


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