First Listen: Capovanni's 'Le Femme' and 'The Maestro' Albums

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A musical Bonnie and Clyde, Caprice Quinn and Druovanni Defoe – collectively known as Capovanni – are taking no prisoners when it comes to making music on their terms, starting with a double, full-length debut release on 11 November.

'Le Femme' and 'The Maestro'. Two powerfully contrasting, yet complementary debut albums from two equally independent, yet intertwined artists, R&B producers and long-term partners in family life. “The process of producing and releasing our music independently has been pretty consuming, so we've barely had time to revel in the excitement of what's to come,” the pair says. “Every now and then, we've had to remind ourselves to step back and enjoy the small successes as they come.

“We're very excited to give scenestr readers a sneak preview of 'Le Femme' and 'The Maestro' and are so proud to share what all the years of dedication have amounted to with the official releases of our very first albums on Friday.”

“Fans of the '90s sound and legendary production heavyweights like Timbaland, The Neptunes, J-Dilla, Dr. Dre and De'Vante Swing will definitely dig the The Maestro,” Defoe continues.

Druovanni's The Maestro

Caprice's Le Femme

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