Felicity Urquhart Releases Her First Album In A Decade

  • Written by  Gabrielle Zgrajewski
  • Thursday, 11 April 2019 16:25
Felicity Urquhart has released her first album in ten years and will be the 2019 Gympie Music Muster Ambassador. Felicity Urquhart has released her first album in ten years and will be the 2019 Gympie Music Muster Ambassador.

With this year marking 37 years of 'mateship, music and making a difference' at the Gympie Music Muster, we have a chat with the 2019 festival ambassador and eight-time Golden Guitar winner Felicity Urquhart, whose new album 'Frozen Rabbit' is released later this month.

How does it feel to be releasing your new solo album 'Frozen Rabbit', ten years since your last release?
So much has changed in ten years; I look at life from a slightly different position now. It’s a new world when it comes to releasing music.

The internet streaming and socials weren’t so huge back then, but now it’s get onboard or get left behind. So, with excitement, I head into this new chapter of music learning about new ways to reach people.

How would you describe this new album?
The album is a reflection of a country singer-songwriter, a mother, a friend, a wife and daughter, a sister, and employee with songs written alone and with friends joined by some mighty collaborators in the studio picking fine, acoustic instruments: fiddle, mandolin, banjo, guitars, dobro, bass drums, percussion; and some special guests like Shanley Del and Karl Broadie.

You have also been named the 2019 Gympie Muster Ambassador; that must be quite the honour?
It is a wonderful honour and quite unexpected. It’s been 27 years since I first saw that incredible stage and thought as a teenager I would love to sing there.

There hasn’t been many in that time that I have missed. My family would go camping in the early days and it was so much fun. We have made life-long family friends out of it, and the mateship is an important part of the Muster.

What does the role entail?
Talking about the event and performing at it. I have been telling people for years about the Muster, so I find it very easy to do this.

It’s one of those bucket-list festivals people really have to go to experience it for themselves; other festivals have come and gone, but the Muster stays true and I think the important message is getting people back who haven’t been for a couple of years. 2019 is the one.

Can you share some of your past memories, experiences of the Gympie Muster?
I think hosting 'Landline' for ABC TV was a huge buzz. I couldn’t believe they asked me to do that. It was a wonderful experience and so great that it use to be on telly.

Another moment was sitting on the hill watching John Williamson solo; no band, just holding thousands of people in the palm of his hand with everyone singing every word to 'True Blue'… even recalling the night I get goosebumps; a proud moment for Wilo and fans, and that’s what I call a 'Muster moment'.

The Muster has been running for close on four decades; where does it rank in your opinion on Australia's musical landscape?
Well, I was born in Tamworth so my heart will always lie there as the Golden Guitar Awards home. But the Gympie Muster will always be second.

‘Frozen Rabbit’ is released 26 April.

Felicity Urquhart plays Gympie Music Muster, which runs 22-25 August as well as Groundwater Country Music Festival (Gold Coast) 26-28 July. She also plays her own headline shows, click here for dates and details.


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