Felicity Groom To Rock 6006 In The Park

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  • Saturday, 13 January 2018 14:04
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Felicity Groom plays 6006 In The Park (Perth) 28 January, 2018. Felicity Groom plays 6006 In The Park (Perth) 28 January, 2018.

Singer-songwriter Felicity Groom is a Western Australian musical icon.

The musician has established herself in her home city of Perth with regular gigging. But for her kids it’s just Mum being herself.

“It was pretty cool one night when I was reading my daughter a book and there was this daddy bear and baby bear going through the forest and noticing all of the sounds. She said: ‘Where’s mummy bear? Oh, she must be playing a gig,’” Felicity laughs.

“It’ll be really, really cool to play to neighbours and friends, and friends of my kids.”

Felicity garnered attention among Australian music fans with her brooding 2011 debut album ‘Gossamer’ and 2014 follow-up ‘Hungry Sky’.

Lately, Felicity has been working on a new album. Although she’s had to work around her children’s schedules. “There have been days that have been determined around naps and when they’re preoccupied that I manage to fit recording in.

"Sometimes they’ll leave me alone, but sometimes they’ll want my attention more. It’s the inevitable; we all crave the attention we can’t have.”

Work on the new album has seen a lot of changes for Felicity.

Where once she delved into dark folk with her former backing band The Black, Black Smoke – featuring a revolving cast of musicians from bands such as Jebediah, Pond and Tame Impala – Felicity has been exploring a new indie-pop sound through computer software. “It’s very different,” she says.

“It’s more moving little bars around on a screen, as opposed to working out parts and playing them. It’s been a real learning experience and I’m having a lot of fun with the different levels of what the programme can provide.”

A new song appearing in her recent sets is ‘Older’, a song filled with synths, glitchy beats and Felicity crooning personal lyrics about ageing.

“It’s seeing the funnier things about getting older, like referring to your body as being like a gallery of all things that you’ve ever done in your life. It becomes a homage to all those parties you went to. Mine has become a homage to the two, beautiful humans I’ve made.”

Felicity has been working hard with her current band on the new songs’ live arrangements. Fans can hear a taste of the new album at her first show of the year at 6006 In The Park.

Felicity joins a stellar local line-up including Tired Lion, Rick Steele and Spacey Jane. “It’s a beautiful park down the road from home. We went to the last one and it was just a cool, community feel. It’s a great experience for the community of North Perth.”

Alongside the bands, 6006 In The Park features Rosemount Hotel’s pop-up bar, food stalls and a range of activities for children to enjoy.

With the event being close to home, Felicity looks forward to the short distance to the event as well as playing to her neighbours. “It’ll be really, really cool to play to neighbours and friends, and friends of my kids.

“My oldest has a lot of friends around the area and it’ll be cool to have her hanging out with her buddies and watching the music.”

Felicity Groom plays 6006 In The Park at Woodville Reserve (Perth) 28 January.


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