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Strangely enough for an artist named Ed Solo, this prolific producer used to be best known for his collaborations with other artists.

Deekline, Krafty Kuts, Skool of Thought, drum & bass legend Brockie – all have benefited from getting Ed alongside them in the studio. The east London lad who grew up listening to pirate radios and cut his teeth as a production assistant at the famous Sour studios really is a Jedi master of sonic science: drop the needle on an Ed Solo record and you’ll soon know about it – no one makes club music that cuts through a sound system quite like him.

What is new with Ed Solo?
Lots more music to come; a new website about to be launched and another kid on the way plus we have our fourth Jungle Cakes compilation coming soon.

For someone who has been making music for 20 years, what keeps you fresh?
I'm into lots of different styles of music, old and new, which influences me so I guess that helps, plus new synths and production techniques inspire me to make music.

With a new generation of listeners/ dancers, how do you remain relevant in a world that has changed so much in terms of technology and the way people interact with music? Do you have to actively force yourself to engage with younger listeners?
I suppose social media especially Soundcloud helps, plus people who like my music bring their friends to club nights I play at which gains me new fans. I make mainly club music, so the best way for people to experience it is on a big sound system with lots of bass.

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Have you had any recent studio collaborations? If so, who/ what was the results?
I have just made a track with Spyda who was on the D&B classic 'Tarantula' and I'm very happy with it, will be out soon on Jungle Cakes.

You are headed to Australia including the Manifest event in September; planning anything extra special for the trip?
Just as much new music as possible. And maybe some sample triggering and FX.

Performing to a crowd; what gets you the most excited?
When a crowd is very responsive and vocal when they like a tune helps me to give a better performance.

Best Australian memory you can tell us about?
I suppose it's the first time I went out there and the general vibe of Australia and the friendliness of the people. I especially like Melbourne; lots of skyscrapers and trees but not overcrowded with too many people.

What's your favourite phone app, and why?
BPM Counter so I can see what tempo other DJs are playing at (I don't like it when D&B DJs play more than 182bpm, I feel it ruins the vibe). Plus I use Shazam a lot when I'm listening to the radio.

Two or three young producers you have noticed that we should check out their Soundcloud pages?
Brian Brainstorm, DJ Westy and Rahmanee are a few producers I'm really liking at the moment. Also check out JFB and Stickybuds if you don't know of them already.

How will people be engaging with music (ie. platform) in five, ten years time?
I dunno, streaming seems to be the current way most people consume music especially YouTube, which is not the most profitable for us producers. Things change quite fast these days so five, ten years is a long time.

Ed Solo headlines Manifest 23-25 (SE Qld) September as well as Rainbow Serpent 2017 (Lexton, Victoria) 27-30 January.


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