Ed Sheeran, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Sued By Two Aussie Songwriters

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Ed Sheeran accused of copying an Australian song. Ed Sheeran accused of copying an Australian song.

With a history of plagiarism, Ed Sheeran has been accused by a couple of Australian songwriters for copying their song 'verbatim'.

Songwriters Sean Carey and Beau Golden have filed a lawsuit (with the same lawyer hired by Marvin Gaye's family in the 'Blurred Lines lawsuit against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams) in a New York federal court claiming the song Ed co-wrote with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, 'The Rest Of Our Life', last year is 'verbatim, note-for-note copying of original elements' of the 2014 song 'When I Found You' performed by Jasmine Rae.

'The copying is, in many instances, verbatim, note-for-note copying of original elements of the Song, and is obvious to the ordinary observer,' the complaint reads.

Sheeran’s co-writers, Johnny McDaid, Steve Mac and Amy Wadge, are also named in the lawsuit, which is seeking $6.3 million in damages along with an injunction for the song to be permanently blocked.

Listen to both songs below:

And because the internet is the internet, someone has already found time to layer both songs together. It's eerie.

Ed Sheeran tours Australia in March; wonder if Sean and Beau will get an invite.


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