Ecca Vandal Brisbane Review @ The Brightside

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  • Tuesday, 21 November 2017 10:18
Ecca Vandal played The Brightside (Brisbane) 18 November, 2017. Ecca Vandal played The Brightside (Brisbane) 18 November, 2017.
Melbourne musician Ecca Vandal has stirred up a lot of excitement with her self-titled debut album.

Those excitement levels tripled when Vandal launched her album at Brisbane’s The Brightside (18 November), showing that behind this genre-defying album is one of the best and wildest performers to grace a stage.

Opening was local electronic duo Earthlings. The fun the grinning duo had was infectious; their dubstep-inspired mash-up of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘HUMBLE.’ and The Killer’s ‘Somebody Told Me’ was a particular highlight.

With the sizable crowd moshing at the stage, it’d be easy to mistake these boys for headliners.

The fun continued when local rapper Midas.Gold brought his Auto-Tune flow. Accompanied by fellow rapper GALLVS, the pair traded bars and bounced both on and off stage leaping into the crowd to rap right in excited fans’ faces.

Even with all the fun beforehand, there was no preparing for the storm that is Ecca Vandal.

Backed by a trio of musicians all pulling multiple duties, Ecca freed herself up to let her vocals soar and her body lose control.

Ecca’s tunes spanned across genres, taking in many at once. On the tribal drumming of ‘Future Heroine’ and the club banger ‘End Of Time’, Ecca’s vocals were soulful. But things got especially rowdy when the band unleashed their blasts of punk guitars and jackhammer beats.

Ecca lost herself in the barrage of noise in ‘Battle Royale', throwing herself across the stage and shrieking as her band dripped sweat trying to keep up with her pace.

The vibe changed to furious when the band launched into ‘Price Of Living’, Ecca’s bandmates filling in for the Dennis Lyxzen of Refused’s screams while the crowd thrashed to this short, punky blast.

With one song left, Ecca commanded the crowd to “get real wild with me”. The crowd lived up to the promise when the spiky guitars of ‘Broke Days, Party Nights’ came in, but no one matched the energy of Ecca, who leapt into the mosh at the front of the stage and joined the frenzy she had created.

The entire show was an incredible display of raw energy.

Ecca is an incredible artist who can’t be contained by genre tags or stages and is a talent not to miss.


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