Doolie Showcases At BIGSOUND and Turn Up Music Conference

  • Written by  Grace Purvis
  • Thursday, 31 August 2017 17:44
Sunshine Coast alt-pop songstress Doolie Shadforth has an exciting end of 2017 planned.

Doolie will be performing at Footstomp's BIGSOUND party and later in the year at the Turn Up Sunshine Coast Music Industry Conference.

She couldn't be more eager to promote herself to the music industry. “I'm really excited to be playing there, any excuse to play at a gig and dress up and stuff always excites me,” Doolie says. “I haven't done either before so I'm really excited to see what it's like and hopefully meet some really cool people.”

In 2016 Doolie was awarded Queensland's most talented new songwriting 'schoolie', winning the Schools Award at the Queensland Music Awards and says she had a 'little feeling' the award was coming.

“You know when you have a little feeling, but you're like 'nah'; I was sitting at the table at the awards ceremony and they called out my name and I started clapping and I was like 'oh wait that's me.

“I'm such an awkward person when it comes to public speaking, I can't even remember what I said but everyone laughed,” Doolie says with a laugh.

Although Doolie's confidence with performing has grown, she still thinks she needs to work on her on-stage banter. “I still have to work on my banter for my shows,” Doolie laughs. “Sometimes it's so bad and I turn around to my band; I'm looking at them like 'what was that? What did I just do?'”

Doolie has kept busy playing a number of gigs around Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast while also working on new music. “I have a new song coming out soon, I'm writing heaps at the moment and popping back into the studio soon and laying down heaps and heaps of tracks.

“It always feels so good [to release new music] even though it could be the most draining experience sitting there in a chair listening to same thing for eight hours. It's the best feeling when you wrap up everything for the day and you can sit in your car and listen to the whole thing and it just sounds so good.”

Doolie performed at this year's Sea N Sound Festival on the Sunshine Coast and says she had the funniest experience of her career so far. “This year at the Sea N Sound festival I wore this really cute denim dress and the zip just wouldn't stay up, so the sound tech guy got gaffer tape and gaffer taped my dress together. I wore gaffer tape on stage,” Doolie laughs.

Only graduating high school last year, Doolie has achieved a lot in her short career; she believes everything will take off for her in the next year. “I've got a really good feeling about this next single that's going to come out; I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on it so I'm really hoping it takes off and everything keeps building.

“Hopefully next year I'll be doing a lot more gigs and getting a lot more out there and making a steady incline for my career.”

Doolie Shows

Sat 2 Sep - The Shed @ Aussie World (Sunshine Coast)
Thu 7 Sep - Footstomp's BIGSOUND Party @ Greaser Bar (Brisbane)
Sun 8 Oct - Advancetown Hotel Motel (Gold Coast)
Thu 19 Oct - Turn Up Sunshine Coast Music Industry Conference


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