Domenico Taraborrelli: Serenading Love This Valentine's Day

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Domenico Taraborrelli plays with the Art Deco Dance Orchestra in Brisbane (14 February). Domenico Taraborrelli plays with the Art Deco Dance Orchestra in Brisbane (14 February).

Domenico Taraborrelli is one of Brisbane’s most experienced and versatile multicultural, cabaret entertainers.

He'll join the Art Deco Dance Orchestra, adding European flavour when he sings and solos on his accordion at their Valentine's Day show.

What do you have planned for the Valentine's Day show at The Lounge?
[Dom] Apart from singing some hip tunes with the Art Deco Dance Orchestra, I’ll be putting my accordion to good use while serenading some romantic tunes from Europe.

When it comes to romantic music, surely jazz is right at the top?
Music is good for the soul. The combination of the big sound of a big band and some groovy tunes, romance is sure to occur.

Alongside singing, you also play the accordion; surely the audience can simply close their eyes and imagine they are in one of Europe's romantic cities, right?
As a complete one-man band in a box, if one were to close their eyes and listen to the different styles of music, they normally feel like they are in a gondola in Venice or under the Eiffel Tower in Paris… perhaps a seaside resort in Greece or basking on a yacht in the Mediterranean.

Learning to play accordion to serenade your partner; can you think of a more romantic gesture?
To master the instrument you require great skill, lots of patience, a gentle touch and warm caresses; similar to romancing a beautiful woman.

Do you offer lessons?
Of course, but you must be prepared. Practice makes perfect!

The show is with the Art Deco Dance Orchestra; giving it is on Valentine's day, will each song have 'love' as the central theme or will you cover other themes that also resonate with this iconic day?
Love will be covered with every note played and sung. I love music and I love to share with others so rest assured, the performances with the Art Deco Dance Orchestra will be full of love.

And will the band offer roses to those in the audience?
I don’t know about the band (bring a lot of vases if they do 'cause there is 17 of the guys), but I may incorporate something to someone special on the night.

For anyone struggling to be romantic with their other half, what do you recommend?
I recommend taking the time to plan a good night out with fine food and beverage, great music and maybe even a little surprise (i.e. arrange for the singing accordion player to personally serenade a message of love). This should help, however diamonds may work also.

Domenico Taraborrelli and the Art Deco Dance Orchestra play The Lounge (Brisbane) 14 February.

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