Dead Wolves Reunite With Their Pack At New Globe Theatre (Brisbane)

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  • Friday, 12 May 2017 15:14
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New Globe Theatre plays host to a revival of local Brisbane bands in June, headlined by Dead Wolves.

The ‘No Agendas - Once More With Feeling’ show is a special night of recent-era Brisbane bands like Minus Nine, Ghost Audio, Junkyard Diamonds and Seismic Toss coming back together to celebrate the scene that birthed them.

“It’s a big line-up and a call back to a couple of years ago,” says Dead Wolves vocalist Tim ‘Bones’ Fogarty, “to those old type of feels we used to have where we had all our best mates’ bands play together each week, every weekend.

“We’ve all gone and done separate things now and not really existing anymore. We’ve all been best buds forever but we haven’t had the opportunity to play, so we’re going to use this opportunity to get a bit nostalgic and call back on all those great songs that need to be heard still.”

Even the Dead Wolves pack has become separated, with members going off to explore individual opportunities mostly within the music industry. “We’re all doing separate things,” Tim says.

“Heath’s [Shipp, bass] in Melbourne and Pat [Shipp, guitar] is playing in Walken, which also has the Minus Nine singer-guitarist Matt James and the Junkyard Diamonds’ drummer.

“Those bands came together to form Walken, I play drums in Ghost Audio and everyone’s still being very musically active, so it’ll be good to get back with those bands and have a bit of fun. It’s going to be a real fun show for everyone to shine a light back on those talents.”

Although Dead Wolves aren’t technically active as a band at the moment, they are still in the throes of their slow (glacial) album release of their 2015 ‘Convicts’ LP, which they released a little differently.

Four songs have already been released, with another due prior to the ‘No Agendas’ show. “We’re going to have to change it to the very, very, very slow album release because we still have the rest of the tracks to put out,” Tim laughs.

“We put an album out before that and for this one, we wanted to put out in a different form. Rather than have it packaged together and put it out, we just wanted to put it out as we were happy with the songs.

"It’s a more digital way of doing it, song by song. Before the gig we’ll definitely put out a brand new song as well. Once all the songs have slowly been released, we’ll put out the full product.”

With members dispersed and engaged with other projects, Tim says they’re yet to confirm a definitive setlist for the show. He also says this is the only chance to see Dead Wolves live for the foreseeable future, although he hasn’t ruled out the band doing more shows down the track. “This is the one-off,” he says.

“This is going to be a really special event. Who knows, we might do something later on and we might be inspired to do some shows, but for now this is a one-off, must-get-to kind of thing.

“Live, it all comes to a pretty chaotic, intense energy because we don’t really bring it down. We don’t have too many dynamics live; it’s just ‘hold onto something’ because it’s going to be pretty crazy and fast.”

Dead Wolves headline ‘No Agendas - Once More With Feeling’ at New Globe Theatre (Brisbane) 10 June.

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