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Interview with prog-rock, metal Perth band Dark Universe. Interview with prog-rock, metal Perth band Dark Universe.

After seeing Dark Universe perform at Scorcherfest, I’d been on the edge of my seat waiting for the release of the group’s latest album 'Into The Black'.

True to my expectations, they’ve created an album that has blown my senses. Darkness and light. Vigour and passion. Rawness and strength. Where Black Sabbath meets Kate Bush, with shades of Queen.

Knowing the energy that exists between band members onstage – Jaime Page (lead guitarist), Donna Greene (lead vocalist), Craig Skelton (bass) and Michael Burn (drums) – I could only imagine what had been happening in the studio over the last couple of years.

There’s something about the prolific mysticism of Dark Universe’s sound that reaches the soul, particularly when experienced live. Built around Jaime’s apocalyptic guitar work, the band offer a tantalising invitation into darkness but with a lightness around the edges.

Donna’s powerful vocals, an instrument in their own right, seem to somehow effortlessly lead the listener to turn their attention to the band, and vice versa. The band complement each other everywhere. Signs of a group who are experienced and united in their passion and vision.

Whether you’re a fan of rock or not, this album will get your attention. The album opens with 'Seventh Heaven', a track I feel is a great introduction for new listeners to Dark Universe, for its striking essence of the group's musical and human qualities.

When I asked about the already released single off the album called 'Weight Of The World', both Donna and Jaime explained that “we’d like for people to take from it what resonates for them, it could [mean] so many things to so many people”.

As the main musical director and guitarist of the group, Jaime explains “there were so many of us who contributed to this album, from producers to musicians and beyond, it really was a group collaboration”.

When asked about where it all started, she explains her passion for music began in Africa where she grew up. “I was inspired by the passion of my friends at school and wanted to try it for myself. The rest is history.”

When it comes to the creative magic between Donna and Jaime, there was moment when they met on the live-music circuit. Jaime was playing and invited a reluctant Donna onstage then handed her a mic.

When Donna began singing, everything seemed to crystallise for them both. “It was like a moment in time, when we just knew this is what we were meant to be doing,” Jaime says.

'Into The Black' is available now.


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