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Dami Im's 'I Hear A Song' tour (based on her album of the same name) is one of those shows that you walk out of wondering how anyone could possibly have a bad word to say about it.

The performer has had a successful and simultaneously unexpected career after initially shooting to fame on Australia's 'X-Factor' and coming second in 'Eurovision', but this gig was about more than that.

Dami returned to her roots, performing jazz standards and jazzed-up versions of more contemporary songs by the likes of Beyonce and Michael Jackson.

Again, there's genuinely nothing bad to say about Dami Im. Not only is she exceptionally talented with a hugely impressive vocal range, but she could easily go into comedy. Her dry sense of humour was genuinely hilarious and made for charming interludes between songs, as she explained the reasons why each track was included on the album and gave us a history lesson about her beginnings as a classically trained pianist.

“This next one's called 'I Hear A Song', and it's about... Hearing a song,” she said at one point. A perfect example of how unknowingly humorous she is (which makes her all the more likeable).

Dami's very first audition on 'X-Factor' shows who she really is under the larger-than-life performer persona: A shy, apprehensive, quirky being. Years later, after conquering stages around the world including the biggest of them all – 'Eurovision' – it's clear that really, she hasn't changed a bit... Something to admire in her.

Throughout the evening we heard such songs as 'Feeling Good', 'My Funny Valentine' and 'I Say A Little Prayer', as well as a few of her own including 'Super Love' and 'Sound Of Silence'. The setlist in general really showcased Dami's ability to perform not only softly and gracefully but also belt impressively high, long notes, triggering applause throughout the venue.

There's no doubt this woman will carry on doing great things as long as her undeniable talent, gorgeous personality and magnificent musical versatility endure.


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