Custard Go Transcontinental On New Tour

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  • Saturday, 11 August 2018 14:21
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Custard have shows in Melbourne, Castlemaine, Adelaide and Perth September 2018. Custard have shows in Melbourne, Castlemaine, Adelaide and Perth September 2018.

Forget about being politically correct because it's time to get anatomically correct with '90s Aussie rockers Custard.

Custard blessed Australian airwaves during the '90s with gems like 'Anatomically Correct', 'Girls Like That (Don't Go For Guys Like Us)' and the unexpected hit 'Music Is Crap', which was written by drummer Glenn Thompson.

Glenn joined Custard in 1997 in time to contribute songwriting ideas for their album of the same year 'We Have The Technology'. “It was just me being contrary, you know, deriding the vehicle,” Glenn says of the song.

“I'd only just joined the band and I had some songs from previously and David [McCormack] said 'we should do some of your songs', so it was great to be able to get some songs on the first album I played on.”

Custard formed in Brisbane in 1990 and released a string of albums throughout the decade, their final release being 1999's 'Loverama' before unceremoniously disbanding.

“We were really busy and it was full-on: we were playing, touring, recording and I suppose we all had enough of it at that point,” Glenn explains of their decision to call it a day.

“There was no particular reason really, it just got to the point where we needed a break and we just stopped, and it felt natural.”

Over a decade later the band reformed to produce a new album in 2015, 'Come Back All Is Forgiven' followed by last year's 'The Common Touch'. Glenn says the decision to come back together happened in much the same way they decided to break up.

“Again, it was a similar decision-making process, not dissimilar to how we always make decisions, like 'what do you reckon?' and it's like 'I suppose, let's give it a go'.

“So no cunning planning ever goes into much of what we do; if the vibe's right we'll do it or we won't do it.”

Custard will be gracing Australian audiences with their 'Custard Go Transcontinental' tour, which has them playing shows on both sides of the country and Glenn says the spirit of the band these days is one of it's now-or-never. “We really look forward to these gigs,” he says.

“We do things now in a way that's not going to burn us out like it did last time. We're not that young anymore so we have to be careful, but we've all got established lives so we just fit gigs and tours in with what we do. It's almost like a little holiday, going on tour.

“It's really easy, it's kind of like second nature. It's been a while now that we've been doing it again; we had ten years off then got back together quite a while ago now and it was just so easy and heaps of fun, so we've been doing it ever since when we can fit it in.

“We're hanging on by the skin of our teeth and we're giving it our all.”

Custard Tour Dates

Fri 7 Sep - The Prince Bandroom (Melbourne)
Sat 8 Sep - Theatre Royal (Castlemaine)
Fri 14 Sep - The Gov (Adelaide)
Sat 15 Sep - Badlands Bar (Perth)


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