Clare Bowditch Honours Power Women

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  • Saturday, 17 March 2018 13:45
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Clare Bowditch will perform as part of Songs That Made Me concert in Brisbane (8 April). Clare Bowditch will perform as part of Songs That Made Me concert in Brisbane (8 April).

The phenomenal Clare Bowditch will take to the stage to honour women and girls around the world.

WOW: Women of the World Festival (WOW) is a global movement that was launched by Jude Kelly.

The festival celebrates women and girls' achievements and takes a frank look at the lives of women and girls and the obstacles that prevent them from reaching their full potential.

Clare will be taking the stage alongside local stars Deborah Conway, Emily Wurramara and Hannah Macklin as well as some of the greatest voices from across the Commonwealth of Nations as part of the 'Songs That Made Me' concert.

With the amazing array of women set to perform Clare cannot wait to be up on stage celebrating with everyone. “They are musical powerhouses, such a privilege to be among women like Jess Green, Hannah Macklin, Deborah Conway.

"It’s a real privilege. I couldn’t be happier [performing]; they are such fine musicians."

When asked what it's like to be up on stage representing women and girls around the world showcasing what a strong woman is, Clare is honest admitting she doesn’t always see herself as a ‘strong woman’.

“I often don’t feel like a strong woman that is probably what I would represent, sometimes we just don’t feel like we know how to count ourselves in.

“Sometimes we choose a comfortable option even though we know we’re better than that. There’s more of us to give, and for me being up on stage is always an act of courage because once I’m up there I know I belong there.”

As part of the WOW event, the performers are asked to share their personal influences and journeys that made them who they are.

Clare was kind enough to share some of her story. “One of my great influencers [sic] and someone who actually became a mentor was Deborah Conway who will be there as well, she’s my oldest sister’s generation.

“I always looked up to her; she was one of the few truly, unique voices that we heard on the radio when I was a kid; a woman speaking of her own soul, her own experiences and having enormous success.”

Clare cannot wait to pick Deborah’s brain, also admitting she will definitely be talking the singer into creating a duet together, joking that now it is in writing it must happen.

Fans attending the festival can look forward to hearing a new song as well from Clare called ‘Woman’. “I wrote a new song, which I wrote four years ago. It’s called ‘Woman’.

"I was very scared of the song; it was too strong and I didn’t know where it came from and now I think the time is right for it. I will be performing that with that awesome band at the festival.”

2018 will be a big year for Clare. Not only does she have the WOW event, she is also working on a new album set to be released sometime this year as well as writing a book set to be released next year.

Clare has also teamed with Jamila Rizvi for an event called ‘Tea with Jam and Clare', which is a conversational event where Clare will challenge the audience to join with her singing songs that everybody knows. The idea of the event is for everyone to get out of their skin and challenge themselves.

The 'Songs That Made Me' concert takes place as part of WOW Festival at QPAC Concert Hall (Brisbane) 8 April.


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