Brisbane Garage Rockers Hey Baby! Release New Single

  • Written by  Amber Hall
  • Wednesday, 14 March 2018 10:43
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Hey Baby! launch their new single, 'Kids', with shows in Wollongong, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast. Hey Baby! launch their new single, 'Kids', with shows in Wollongong, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Brisbane band Hey Baby! formed when lead singer Kacper Majchrowski moved from Sydney to Brisbane.

“I met some people at a gig that invited me to this awesome house party, it was called Couch House,” Kacper says.

"And it was this little, derelict place, and apparently it was getting torn down so everyone was tagging it up; we were all these little punk kids running around.

“Anyway, I started talking to the Port Royal boys and their brother was Jaeger [Brodie] and we just got along like two kids on a playground. We started talking about music and then started making music together.

"Sam [Wilson] found me on Bandmix or a website like that. And Chicken [Daniel Chlonta] was in Jaeger's other band and he heard my demo of 'Kids', which is the single coming out soon, and messaged me on Facebook asking to join the band.”

Kacper sees a lot of potential for new bands to thrive in Brisbane. “Everyone looks out for each other and everyone's really nice. In Sydney, and I don't want to dog Sydney too much, it seemed like they didn’t really give a sh*t unless you made it somewhere else.

“You see a band like Chicks Who Love Guns and they broke up because there was no one coming to their shows. Here there's such a great community, like we got into Mountain Goat Valley Crawl just because we kept giving someone sh#t at The Brightside Trivia and he turned out to be a booking manager. 4ZZZ is awesome, it really looks out for everyone.”

Hey Baby! released their first single mid-last year. “With '1-800 WEED', we got really drunk and we were having a lot of fun because it was our first time recording together.

"We were recording with Konstantin from The Belligerents, and on the second day we started drinking at 10am because I was a bit self-conscious about singing by myself in a studio.”

Hey Baby! will be releasing another single this month. “['Kids'] was a lot more practical, we just got in there and had some fun, tried to make it a little more experimental. '1-800 WEED' was a very straightforward punk song, but this one there's a lot more dynamics involved.

“'Kids' is a nostalgia piece, because that's the first song I wrote when I moved to Brisbane. It's about living a carefree lifestyle and kind of indulging in the decadent and carefree life you had as a teenager and kind of the strong connections you had as a teenager.

"Like, I have friends now and I get f$%#ed up now, but it's not the same.”

Hey Baby! plan on releasing their debut EP later this year. “The EP is pretty much done as far as writing goes. It's just a matter of planning everything and doing it.

"We were actually meant to finish off the EP the night before Laneway. And we had it all confirmed, but then Chicken's girlfriend goes there and the studios are closed and we can't get a hold of anyone.

“I emailed Konstantin and he's just like: 'Nah man, I'm going to Laneway.' And so Jaeger and I decided to get f$%#ed up at Laneway too. I think we'll be going in April to record.”

Hey Baby! Tour Dates

Thu 22 Mar - Rad Bar (Wollongong)
Fri 23 Mar - Valve Bar (Sydney)
Sat 24 Mar - Record Crate (Sydney)
Thu 29 Mar - Old Bar (Melbourne)
Thu 12 Apr - The Bearded Lady (Brisbane)
Fri 27 Apr - Mo's Desert Clubhouse (Gold Coast)


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