Brisbane Band The Dangermen Finally Launch Their New Album

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  • Thursday, 17 May 2018 17:12
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The Dangermen's latest album is titled ''Magical Thinking'. The Dangermen's latest album is titled ''Magical Thinking'.

The Dangermen released their third album, 'Magical Thinking', in December, and they will officially launch it with a home-town show tomorrow (18 May).

The Brisbane band originally came together in 2001 and released their debut album, 'Summer Of Danger', in 2004. Three years later they released their second record, 'The Dark Place', before launching their own record label, Swashbuckling Hobo Records.

The band initially began work on 'Magical Thinking' in 2014, but it wasn't till the end of last year that they managed to complete the project.

“We are very excited. I think overall we feel like it's the best album we have done thus far; it took a fair while to get it all together, so we are very exited to have it out at long last and also to be getting out and playing again at the launch in May,” The Dangermen's Sean Tracey says.

“We had a lot of songs that we had written and had been playing live. We had always intended to get around to doing this third album, but things always come along unexpectedly.”

The album began to take shape from a collection of songs The Dangermen hadn’t had the chance to record in the past. “I sort of just pushed it [the album]. We got together in the studio and started getting things happening,” Sean explains.

“Because we had our own studio to record in, doing the mixing and everything ourselves, we had time on our side, so we didn’t have to rush things through to get things done in a two-day time frame. We could come back at [our own] leisure and add bits and pieces as we wanted to.”

Compared to the band's previous work, Sean believes the new album is much more complex. “There's partly a going back to some simple throw-away punk songs, but I would also like to think some of the other songs that are on the record have a bit more complexity about them, from a Dangermen perspective, historically.

“It has sort of been a bit of a progression with each album, I think it gets a little bit more complex [with each release]. Certainly in terms of the sound, I'm quite happy with how it sounds. We wanted a big, guitar sound, so very happy with that.”

The Dangermen are excited to get on stage and launch the new album. “As a band, we really don’t get out and play as much as we used to,” Sean says. “We are really looking forward to playing live again. We always enjoy playing live so that should be good fun.

“Generally, Dangermen shows potentially teeter on the edge of destruction depending on when we are playing on the night. Hopefully it's not to ramshackle but certainly will be loud and full of energy.”

Sean says the band menbers are looking forward to catching up with fans. “Who knows when the next appearance will be. Given that it is a rare appearance, we will be aiming to make it a very good show.”

The Dangermen launch 'Magical Thinking' at The Bearded Lady (Brisbane) 18 May.


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