Bec Sandridge is Feeding The Flame With Her New Music

  • Written by  Ellen Cook
  • Monday, 16 January 2017 12:44
From busking on the streets of Wollongong and Glasgow to now heading off on her own headline tour, it is easy to see how far Bec Sandridge has come.

‘In The Fog, In The Flame’ is the first single off Bec's ‘In The Fog’ EP. After a successful 2016, Bec talks about how she feels going into the New Year. “I'm feeling really good; I've got a few really cool things happening.

"The album will be mixed; I'll be on my own tour as well as touring with The Rubens and others. I'm really excited about writing this year. I've sat on this EP for a bit so I'm itching to write.”

With the single already gaining air play, Bec explains how flattering the on-going support from Triple J is. “I was really surprised they picked my stuff up. It was a pivotal moment for my music because it was getting out there. It’s a great moment because you think this song must be alright if they are gonna play; it was very flattering and humbling."

Taking her EP on tour is a prospect that is slightly intimidating, though. "I’m scared! I've never played my own, headlining tour. I don't know what to expect from the shows, but I know they will be a lot of fun.

"I'll get to play the new songs that people can boogie and have a dance too; you know, get all sweaty as well. One time I was on my way to play a show and I realised I forgot my guitar! So as long as I don't do that I'll be fine."

The EP highlights Bec’s unique voice and with that uniqueness comes comparison to others, including Kate Bush and Fleetwood Mac. “Personally I love them, but getting boxed in is a worry for any artist. If you get boxed in there is a certain expectation from your listeners that can be a bit shitty.

"There can be this pressure for you not to change how you sound and to stay the same. I think that is boring. Being categorised though isn’t something that I consciously worry about.”

Bec attributes her evolving sound to constantly consuming her surrounding world. "I think my style is just a natural progression. The more I consume things like movies, books, music and even travelling in Europe the more my palette grows.

“Even though that sounds really wanky, the more I interact with and consume things the more I have to play with. The more words I read and sounds I hear the more my music grows just because I have more to pull from. If I didn't consume anything it would all sound the same and become boring."

Although she has confidence now, Bec was scared to take the plunge with her music career. She shares her advice for taking that plunge. "I feel like you can just be too scared to go for it and honestly it's three-quarters faking it, faking the confidence until you feel somewhat comfortable.


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"You just have to put together a few songs and play them at any small venue where no one is really listening. I still play RSL gigs where no one is really listening just to practice. Those gigs where no one really cares are actually pretty important."

Bec Sandridge Shows

Sat 28 Jan - Ozfest @ Miami Tavern (Gold Coast)
2-3 Feb - Twilight at Taronga with The Rubens (Sydney)
4-5 Feb - Melbourne Zoo with The Rubens
Sat 18 Feb - Mountain Sounds Festival (Central Coast)
Thu 23 Feb - The Cambridge Hotel (Newcastle)
24-25 Feb - Secret Garden (Brownlow Hill Farm)
Fri 3 Mar - Jimmy's Den (Perth)
4-5 Mar - Nannup Music Festival
Fri 10 Mar - The Foundry (Brisbane)
Sat 11 Mar - The Northern (Byron Bay)
Fri 17 Mar - Rocket Bar (Adelaide)
Thu 23 Mar - Newtown Social Club (Sydney)
Fri 24 Mar - Garden Party @ Wollongong Uni
Sat 1 Apr - Northcote Social Club (Melbourne)

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