Band Of Frequencies 2018 Tour

Band Of Frequencies return with new single 'Sunray'. Band Of Frequencies return with new single 'Sunray'.

One of the country's premiere jam bands, Band Of Frequencies have announced a number of live dates to support the release of their new single 'Sunray' (out 19 October).

"We're amped to release and tour this recording of 'Sunray' as it's a track we all enjoy playing live and this version feels like it's captured the band's live vibe well," the group's guitarist-singer Shannon Carroll says.

The band have confirmed shows in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Bellingen and Sydney happening November-December.

'Sunray' draws on influences from the early 1970s such as New Orleans funk legends The Meters and soul music lord Stevie Wonder.

"'Innervisions' by Stevie Wonder is a masterpiece in my opinion and it was definitely a reference point for sounds and rhythm parts in the verses of 'Sunray'," adds bass player OJ Newcomb.

"We're tipping our hats to some of our all-time favourite funk artists."

The group have also welcomed a new band member to the fold, as Shannon explains. "The group has been exploring new chemistry having recently grown into a five-piece line up with the addition of guitarist Brodie Graham.

"The musical journeys have opened up and we're loving the options for multiple guitar parts, so the jams have been firing."

'Sunray' is the band's first recording at the newly established Yama-Nui recording studios on the Sunshine Coast. "Our bass player, OJ Newcomb, has been working hard to build the new Yama-Nui recording studio over the last couple of years in collaboration with producer/ engineer/ musician Paulie B (Tanuki Lounge, Bobby Alu, The Beautiful Girls)," Shannon says.

"This is the first tune we've recorded with OJ as the sound engineer capturing the session. It felt really good in the studio and it sounds great."

The past couple of years have been less productive musically for the band, but they have all been busy adding to their 'family'. "It's been a productive few years for us individually and collectively as we've all been focused on new additions to our families, our homes, our studios and building the foundations for a long future of creating music together," Shannon says.

"Family is our main priority these days and four of us have just had the pleasure of bringing new little ones into our lives.

"It's been wild timing with us all going through it together and it's been a running joke that in 2016 we were 'Band of Pregnancies', and then we were 'Band of Infancies' and as we come through into the next phase I'm just stoked to be in the studio again and put down this new Band Of Frequencies material."

Band Of Frequencies Tour Dates

Fri 2 Nov - The Bearded Lady (Brisbane)
Sun 4 Nov - Guru Life (Sunshine Coast)
Fri 9 Nov - Miami Marketta (Gold Coast)
Sun 2 Dec - Beach Hotel (Byron Bay)
Fri 7 Dec - No5 Church St (Bellingen)
Sun 9 Dec - Moonshine Bar (Sydney)


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