Bad Pony Interview WHARVES Ahead Of Their East-Coast Tour

Bad Pony tour east-coast Australia with WHARVES June 2018. Bad Pony tour east-coast Australia with WHARVES June 2018.

Last week Sydney rockers Bad Pony released their latest EP, 'Deficiency'. Tomorrow they start a seven-date east-coast tour with fellow groovers WHARVES.

Bad Pony's Jarred Young had an interesting chat with WHARVES member Matt Collins ahead of their adventure, talking about close calls while driving, seeing Elon Musk make-out at Splendour, group showers and why saxophones are rad. That one is obvious, silly.

You guys have just come off the 'High School Hero' tour. How was it? Tell us some storieeeeesss…
Well... we got side-swiped in traffic by a big truck in Melbourne on our way the gig. It shook the car so solidly and we were like: 'NOOOOO! This will be such a hassle being a hire car.'

We got out and there was barely even a scratch, so we just made our way to the gig and all was good when we gave the car back (fingers crossed we don't receive a massive bill in the mail). At that gig we saw a self-driving bus with passengers, the future is now.

When you think about the experiences you've been able to have because of music, which one sticks out the most?
Any time you have a crowd that is just having a great time and enjoying your music, that's what it's all about for me.

The craziest highlight would be, being side of stage during Royal Blood at Splendour having a blast then turning around to see Elon Musk and his girlfriend making out. So random.

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The lyrics and lyrical content in 'High School Hero' are absolutely ace. Was there a particular event that sparked you to write about sh*tty, aggressive male behaviour?
Thanks for the kind words *blushing*. There wasn't a particular event. You read about it every now and again. Or even since we wrote the song, I hear of stuff first hand that happens when friends go out for a good night and it gets spoiled by some 'High School Hero'.

What's your favourite type of sweet treat?
Every member of Bad Pony drizzled in maple syrup... wait, what was the question again?

We've known each other a fair few years now; who's the most annoying member of Bad Pony?
You are all sweet treats. No one has earned the right to be crowned 'the most annoying' just yet. Ask again at the end of the tour.

If each member of WHARVES and Bad Pony were a fruit or vegetable, what would they be?
Fraser = carrot; Mike = eggplant; Scott = rock melon; Matt = kidney bean; Jarred = lemon; Isaac = lime; Cron = celery; Sam = jackfruit; Mark = sweet potato.

Are you a back, side or front sleeper?
Well that really depends on where Jarred is facing; we like to get lost in each others eyes before bed.

What's doing for the rest of 2018?
We are throwing an all-ages festival in Lennox Head called Beach Sounds on 14 July with heaps of bands from around the country like The Pretty Littles, Eliza & The Delusionals and VOIID. We are also planning to release a new single and then an EP.

What do you expect will happen on this tour?
Guitar battles. Sing-alongs in the car. Meet amazing people from all along the east coast of Australia. 3am kebabs. Group showers to save water.

What are your instruments names?
My Jazz Master is called Fergie and my Stratocaster is called Jesus.

Which support bands are you super keen on seeing?
I've seen YELLOWCATREDCAT before a year or so ago, they are rad. I'm so keen to hear the others live. That's one of the best thing about touring.

What's your favourite instrument you can't play?
Saxophone would be so rad, I'd love play some of those iconic Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band lines and then clap along to 'Dancing In The Dark' like the guy in the live film clip.

Bad Pony & Whavres Tour Dates

Fri 15 Jun - Yah Yah's (Melbourne)
Sat 16 Jun - Republic Bar (Hobart)
Thu 21 Jun - Waywards (Sydney)
Fri 22 Jun - Cambridge Hotel (Newcastle)
Sat 23 Jun - Rad Bar (Wollongong)
Fri 29 Jun - Byron Bay Brewery
Sat 30 Jun - Black Bear Lodge (Brisbane)


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