Bad Gig 4 Perth Review @ Rosemount Hotel

New Talk at Bad Gig 4 staged in Perth 7 October, 2018. New Talk at Bad Gig 4 staged in Perth 7 October, 2018. Image © Thea Dowling

A feast of good people and a long line-up of back-to-back West Aussie music took over two stages in North Perth on Saturday afternoon (7 October) and went well into the early hours of the morning, at the fourth edition of the Bad Gig series.

Creators of the regular epic event, Bad Friends also launched their debut single, ‘The Trip Is Over’, but there’s much more to this band than meets the eye.

Known for starting out and smashing DIY events held in backyards and driveways, band members Darren, Jack and Riley are just as much about bringing people together to enjoy and celebrate local music.

They invited friends and acts to perform at the event including New Talk, Pat Chow, Odette Mercy And Her Soul Atomics, Noah Dillon, Ghost Care, Sonnenmasse, Yomi Ship, Your Girl Pho, Heavy Flow, RAKSHA, Kopano, Tashi, Chip Hazard and NOD.

From the main stage of the The Rosemount, punk-rock group Heavy Flow stripped the room of any innocence as they roared into the afternoon with their heavy hitting bangers. However, in an announcement after the show the band explained: “It’s with a heavy heart that we announce the end of Heavy Flow. This is an indefinite hiatus,” while thanking everyone and explaining that “we will continue to make music elsewhere”.

Flamboyant front lady Amber, from pop jazz group RAKSHA, lead the way with her silky yet powerful voice, along with the group's mixed rhythms that kept the crowd on the edge during upbeat songs such as their latest number ‘Mindless Consumption’.

With incense smoke rising from the stage, Yomi Ship summoned a switch of pace with vast, airy instrumental soundscapes, songs such as ‘Mudokon’ a personal favourite of the afternoon. Recently nominated for Most Popular Act for this year’s WAM Awards, the experimental group are making waves.

Pat ChowPat Chow - image © Thea Dowling

Taking to the stage with might, and fresh off the back of their US tour, local indie-punk favourites Pat Chow effortlessly tamed the eager crowd, opening with ‘Martyrdom’ before delivering a feast of beats and moods, and ending with a bang shaking the room with a personal favourite of the night, their latest release ‘Make It Hard’.

Dark and introspective, three-piece garage outfit, and the event's hosts, Bad Friends took to the stage playing yet to be released ‘Closer To The Sun’ and ending with their debut single ‘The Trip Is Over’, which began as a catchy rhythm then unravelled into a deeper reflective mood entailing lyrics: “I’m boxed in, uncertain, there must be another way.”

Bad FriendsBad Friends - image © Thea Dowling

The band explained that the song is “about the times you find yourself trapped at certain points in your life, where you're in a bit of a rut or in a bad place mentally".

Headline act and local favourite New Talk, formerly known as Rag n’ Bone, brazen and evocative in sound and lyric, held the crowd with songs such as ‘I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore’ and signing off with thought provoking ‘Paul’.

Lead vocalist Kiera was recently nominated for Best Live Vocals for the National Live Music Awards.

New Talk.2New Talk - image © Thea Dowling

Over in the plush 459 Bar, the ambient and dark reverberations of Sonnenmasse had the walls shaking during his deep experimental performance.

Captivated by the sounds created by the bass guitar soloist, there was a connection between artist and audience as he moved us through a rock experience like no other, his voice an instrument in itself, lusciously complementing moments of time and space.

Earlier this year, he won a Fringe World Award for his Intra Harena performances. Expect to see a lot more of this bold and captivating artist.

New Age rock trio Ghost Care, fronted by vocalist and guitarist Beau, bassist and vocalist Tanaya and drummer Luke, were infectious, light and fun-loving in style yet intricate and thoughtful and had the crowd enjoying the vibes. Can’t wait to see them play again.

KopanoKopano - image © Thea Dowling

Synth-pop and funk soloist, Kopano had the audience singing during her set including covers and her own honest lyrics and catchy beats during songs such as ‘The Fight’. Her softly-spoken demeanour on the mic took on a powerful and new persona when singing stories from the heart.

Ever authentic and leading us down bountiful, unexpected paths of organic feels, Noah Dillon had the crowd going from ‘Maggots’ to new, unreleased material ‘Jersey St’.

There’s something deliciously infectious about his style. He and his band can go from heavy rock to airy echoes in a matter of seconds, and wherever he plays he brings the goods.

Noah DillonNoah Dillon - image © Thea Dowling

Ending the night at Bar 459, electro-pop and soul queen Your Girl Pho delivered sass and soul, her theatrics complementing her fierce style and powerful voice.

Nominated for two WAM Awards this year, she performed songs such as ‘Late’ and ‘Five Thirty PM’ to a packed crowd.

Your Girl PhoYour Girl Pho - image © Thea Dowling

Having returned from the Caloundra Music Festival just days before, the rich and smooth sounds of Odette Mercy and Her Soul Atomics fired up the crowd with an energetic performance playing local favourites such as ‘Baby’, ‘Heartbreak’ and their latest release ‘You Lose’.

Oozing soul and grace, the band and beautifully fierce front lady, local queen and WAM Award nominee for Best Vocalist Odette Mercy (affectionately known as Ofa), eased us into the early hours of the morning.

Odette MercyOdette Mercy and Her Soul Atomics - image © Thea Dowling

The group have also been nominated for Best Urban Act, and will be bringing their big sounds to the much-loved Lot Party at this year’s WAMFest.

Can’t wait for the next Bad Gig menu.


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